Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Long Trek

  We've been making frequent trips to Scott & White in Temple.  Gonna have to go again tomorrow.  I'm glad that things are happening, but I hope we can also make them happen quicker.  I want him eating again.  Hopefully for good this time.  Also . . . I need to make some time to take the car in for an oil change.  hopefully that'll take care of the "Maintenance Required" light.  *boo*  Only six months and that light's been on for almost a week.  *double-boo*  I got a call from the dealership stating "our records indicate it's about time for your vehicles regularly scheduled maintenance."  Now how would they know that?!  I don't have onstar.  I think it's some sort of conspiracy.  Even so I guess I should go through my paperwork and see how much they'll do for free.  Or I'll just be lazy and take it in to Midas for their in-depth oil change/diagnostic thingy.  I have a coupon somewhere.

  Elvis is doing okay.  We got him some wormer that kills 4 different kinds of worms.  It was pretty expensive so it better get rid of whatever's crawling around inside of him.  I'm a tad worried.  He'll have bouts where he'll want to get up and move around but he won't stand up on his legs so he just ragdolls back to the ground.  It's both distressing and infuriating.  He still eats and drinks so that's good.  At least he hasn't been a total bastard while we're trying to get Aaron fixed up.

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