Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just Act Like You Belong

  Aaron's got long black hair and was wearing his Alice Cooper concert shirt.  I have green and blue-purple hair and was wearing one of my RHPS shirts.  Yet despite this when we strolled into Scott & White, made our way to the elevators and up to the abandoned third floor . . . nobody stopped us.  No one questioned what we were doing there.  No one mentioned that the clinic section of the hospital was closed on Saturdays.  We just waltzed in, set on our mission and got where we were going uninterrupted.  Desks were empty, offices were left open.  Had our intention been mayhem we could have caused quite a stir.  Had we been wearing our Goodwill-aquired doctor gear there's no telling where we could have gone.  Which, knowing that we weren't personally up to no good is kind of an intriguing thought.  But not everyone is as well-intentioned as we are.  So overall it's kind of a frightening thing.  What if we did have a bomb?  Was there some unseen security guard watching us the whole time?  Just waiting for the first sign of trouble?  Or could we have really blown up a decent chunk of the place?  Either way we're heading back first thing Monday morning to accomplish what we went there for yesterday.  To get his damn appointment.  Slackers.

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