Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Comes to a close

  It was a year much like all those that have come before.  There was happiness and sadness.  Good and bad.  I think, though, that it has served as a foundation for good things to come.  I lost a decent chunk of weight so losing the rest should be easier.  Aaron's surgery is scheduled and as long as that goes as hoped there are many good things to spring from that in the coming year.  Brak and I got to spend some quality time together which will hopefully translate into many more fun times ahead.  Some things were put into proper perspective so even the hurt was worthwhile.  I caught up with some old friends and released some who were not quite the friends I thought they were. 

  My hopes for the new year are that Aaron's surgery goes well, first off.  To finally be done with this and able to move forward will be a blessing.  I want to lose 15 more pounds.  Everyone (who matters) loves me just the way I am, but . . . I'd like to be in better shape.  Not feel like such a fatass.  I also want to start college in the fall.  I really want Brak to be able to go with me, but if she can't . . . I'm not going to let that stop me.  She'll get back when she can.  That is my other hope.  That she CAN.  I want her well too.  2010 was fun, 2011 will be hard, but hopefully much more productive.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Like a seesaw

  Yep, just like one of those.  Finally got in to see the surgeon with no trouble at all from him.  All of his coming stuff is set up and ready for us.  But since the business office borked our paperwork I'm concerned about his xray Monday.  Do we need a blue slip?  Will they be open to give us one if we do?  Or did the previous one proclaiming "Working with CEA" cover the rest of his appointments from desk 4A?  I wish I knew.  I wish we hadn't already been at the hospital for 3 hours and felt like checking with them before we left. 

  Been cleaning all day today.  I wonder if I'm too tired to be as pissed off as I should be about the amount of trash being generated.  That and the fact that I'm the one having to clean it up.  Why?  Why?!  Because for one my dad's having his vacation next week and I don't want him to do it.  I know he will if it's there.  He's like that.  For two my Brak is coming over soon and I don't want her to cringe at the sty I live in.  We plan on having some fun while she's in Texas and it would be so much better to not be surrounded by garbage and dirty laundry.  I'll admit, my mind is racing.  But that's all I'll admit to.  That and I'm really looking forward to seeing her.  I misses her.
  I'm feeling antsy and eratic.  So many things coming up so quickly.  All of them good, but . . . I feel unprepared.  I don't know what to do or where to start or if plans will live up to expections . . . or if there are expectations or if I'm just expecting that there are expectations.  So many things I want to do . . . . . I'm starting to freak myself out.  I think I'll grab a box and start packing some stuff up.  That'll make room for the other stuff . . . . that seems like a decent enough place to start.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Today's Appointment

  Did not start the day well.  I had my alarm set and it didn't go off (had it set for pm instead of am -_-) so we were running a bit later than we had hoped.  Even picking up his mom, though, we made it there a bit early.  So that was good.  I got through about 10 pages of "Midsummer Night's Dream" when they paged me to say he was done.  Well . . .  the procedure was done, but he was way more doped up than I'd ever seen him.  Soon as we (his mom and myself) got in there he wanted his milk.  Got a bit of a scare when he started drooling and almost choked on it.  I helped him get his shirt on before the Dr. came to talk to us.  Everything looked like he expected it to.  A bit of food but otherwise healthy.  He's going to email the surgeon and see what he can do about getting the next appointment sooner and wants Aaron to call tomorrow to do the same.  "Get him from both sides" he said.  Aaron was in and out of sleep so many times and when he was awake he was hardly coherent.  I know, he was anesthetised, I'm setting up for some of the funny bits.  The first bit is that the one thing he did say clear as a bell.  The nurse came in to remove his IV and told him that she was going to have to remove the tape and that they had put a lot of tape on there.  He says "It's okay.  I do monster makeup so I'm used to having my hair ripped out."  :-)  As I'm wheeling him to the elevators his mom goes to press the button and out shoots his arm, finger pointed, wanting to press it himself.  So I rolled him closer and he got it on the third try. 
  The whole way to dropping his mom off he's still floating in and out of consiousness.  He became quite angry a few times.  Usually when I'd try to help him with something, sometimes when he woke up and realized he had fallen asleep again.  Once when he was trying to ask me questions insisting that he wasn't mumbling.  My honey is quite pissy when he's dopey.  That's okay, though.  I'm sure it was very disorienting for him.  I know it is, in fact.  We dropped his mom off and he told his mom to let his sister know how it went and then as I'm leaving the neighborhood he fell asleep again.  Two minutes after getting on the highway he woke up, turned to tell his mom something and freaked out because she wasn't there.  Then he looked at me like I did something to her and asked where she was and what happened.  From there he tried to write out a text and still hadn't finished by the time we got to Walgreens.  A good 15 minutes later.  He showed it to me and all of the letters were there . . . . just not all in the right order and there were no spaces.  Not too bad.
  He kept looking at his bandage like he couldn't even remember getting the IV out.  He was pretty well wide awake by the time we got home.  He's asleep now.  I'm going through the video of the room.  My mom was acting a bit off this weekend so I set up the webcam to record while we were away.  Just in case.  30 minutes in and so far it's the most boring video ever.  Which is good.  It better stay that way.
  Elvis was thankfully asleep when we got here.  He had a rough weekend.  Two seizures.  Or what I assume were seizures.  He jerked his head backwards, yelped and then went totally limp.  About 30 seconds later he came to and was thirsty.  Or . . . he drank the water we gave him.  That was on Saturday.  Yesterday he was fine and so far so good today.  The video has audio so if something happened while we were away I'll know.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Long Trek

  We've been making frequent trips to Scott & White in Temple.  Gonna have to go again tomorrow.  I'm glad that things are happening, but I hope we can also make them happen quicker.  I want him eating again.  Hopefully for good this time.  Also . . . I need to make some time to take the car in for an oil change.  hopefully that'll take care of the "Maintenance Required" light.  *boo*  Only six months and that light's been on for almost a week.  *double-boo*  I got a call from the dealership stating "our records indicate it's about time for your vehicles regularly scheduled maintenance."  Now how would they know that?!  I don't have onstar.  I think it's some sort of conspiracy.  Even so I guess I should go through my paperwork and see how much they'll do for free.  Or I'll just be lazy and take it in to Midas for their in-depth oil change/diagnostic thingy.  I have a coupon somewhere.

  Elvis is doing okay.  We got him some wormer that kills 4 different kinds of worms.  It was pretty expensive so it better get rid of whatever's crawling around inside of him.  I'm a tad worried.  He'll have bouts where he'll want to get up and move around but he won't stand up on his legs so he just ragdolls back to the ground.  It's both distressing and infuriating.  He still eats and drinks so that's good.  At least he hasn't been a total bastard while we're trying to get Aaron fixed up.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just Act Like You Belong

  Aaron's got long black hair and was wearing his Alice Cooper concert shirt.  I have green and blue-purple hair and was wearing one of my RHPS shirts.  Yet despite this when we strolled into Scott & White, made our way to the elevators and up to the abandoned third floor . . . nobody stopped us.  No one questioned what we were doing there.  No one mentioned that the clinic section of the hospital was closed on Saturdays.  We just waltzed in, set on our mission and got where we were going uninterrupted.  Desks were empty, offices were left open.  Had our intention been mayhem we could have caused quite a stir.  Had we been wearing our Goodwill-aquired doctor gear there's no telling where we could have gone.  Which, knowing that we weren't personally up to no good is kind of an intriguing thought.  But not everyone is as well-intentioned as we are.  So overall it's kind of a frightening thing.  What if we did have a bomb?  Was there some unseen security guard watching us the whole time?  Just waiting for the first sign of trouble?  Or could we have really blown up a decent chunk of the place?  Either way we're heading back first thing Monday morning to accomplish what we went there for yesterday.  To get his damn appointment.  Slackers.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Holidays Approach

  A Happy Chanukah to those who celebrate.  This seems to be the year for holiday good cheer.  Aaron is working on the porch like never before.  It looks quite nice so far.  I'm eager to see how it turns out.  I'm still not fully in the "Christmas Spirit", but I am trying for him. 
  Almost done with my hair.  Shame the roots are coming in so quickly, but I should have a good month or so of absolutely fabulous hair.  ;-)  Green up top, purple on the bottom.  I do love the colors.  Hopefully while my dad's home we'll be able to fix the dishwasher.  He thinks we can at least pull it apart and put it together again, so it's worth a shot. 

  Thankfully, blessedly, Elvis has been sleeping.  Such a relief.  Not that we want him knocked out 24/7, but it is pleasant to have time to ourselves.  His leg-hole is almost fully healed.  His fur isn't quite growing in the way it should, but . . . . that's not a great concern, I suppose.  I know a dog's fur is an indicator of it's health, but we already know he's old and not-quite-well so it's one of those things, I suppose.  We keep him fed and watered and try to make him as comfortable as possible and that's about all we can do.

  I'm trying to keep calm and not let the "extra company" get to me too badly.  Though, I've said it before and I'll say it again, "If I wanted screaming children in the house then I'd make 'em myself!"  Awful.