Sunday, November 28, 2010


  Looks like this is the home of my blog now.  It's cozy.  I kind of liked the more-or-less built-in fanbase of myspace, but I suppose this will do.  After all, we all have to restart somewhere.  As before, this is my eHome . . .  well . . . inside my home.  Here I will continue to share the goings-on of my life as well as anything else I find interesting and worthy of sharing.  Such as, I am surprised at how difficult it is to type on this laptop with my watch on.  There we are, much better.  For those of you who are new to this, I do have a tendancy to ramble on.  I like typing and I like the sounds the keys make.  I have many interests and this is where I can share those interests without being interrupted.  :-p  I can still be scoffed at or teased, but you're in my computer and can't hurt me.  Sometimes I get distracted.  Like right now.  My monitor is filthy!  Well, since I've moved someplace new, it simply won't do to start off with a dirty monitor.  There.  Now I can see you.  So please, come in.  Have a seat.  And enjoy.  For any faithful myspaceians who have followed me all the way here: Welcome back!  I've missed you.  And, hey, did you know Blogger allows adult content?  hehehehe  I'm not saying there will be any, but it's nice to have the option.  I suppose that's all for now.  *mwah*  Take care, be safe, I love you all!

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