Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Close Call

  Again my faith in road karma has been rewarded.  So I agree to drop my sister off on Ft. Hood for work.  Hey, guess who's getting off work and trying to mass exodus to get home?  Yes, all of Ft. Hood.  This would not have normally been a problem.  I was running low on gas, but didn't figure that would be too big a deal.  Just get home, get the money and get gas.  Not today.  Today I got about 20 minutes into the lock-up and the gas light came on.  20 minutes later I'm almost totally empty.  I was talking so sweet to Betsy (my car) you'd think I was trying to get in her pants.  "Just get me up this hill, baby.  You get me up this hill and I'll put so much gas in you."  Yes, really.  I'm working my way to the on-ramp and someone wants to get in front of me to get to the highway.  "Yes, Mr.  Go ahead and merge.  I need all the road karma I can get."  Then I see it.  7-11 gas station right at the top of the hill.  But oh noes!  I need to get over or I'll be stuck on the highway!  "Please, please someone let me over" and then road karma comes around.  I put on my blinker and the guy right behind and to the left of me is trying to pull into my lane and the guy behind me lets him!  Oh glorious space!  So I merge over and make my way uphill and pull in to the gas station.  Each pump is full, but somehow I manage to pull in behind the person who's just finishing up.  Huzzah!  Now I only have $1.40 in change, but look!  An ATM!  It's not the proper bank, but you know . . . . at this point that's perfectly alright. 
  So, sitting at the pump, ATM in sight, you'd think everything is looking my way, right?  Wrong.  The lady in front of me is trying to cash a check for the first time at the ATM.  Indeed, I need to help her through the process even though I've never done it before either.  The real kicker?  She didn't even get the money.  They wouldn't cash it.  So almost half an hour later my gas is finally paid for and I'm on my way.  Oh, but that wasn't the end of it.  All the road is clear until I pull up to try and turn left to get back to the access road.  Then there's cars cars as far as the eye can see.  Fed up I pull right and find a back way.  Then on to home.  Temporarily.  But at least I didn't run out of gas and the rest of the driving was free flowing.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Search Begins!

  McDonald's has done it.  They have Sanrio watches.  They have Keroppi.  I must find Keroppi.  I don't usually do well uncovering the toy or trinket I desire from these collections, so my hopes aren't terribly high in finding this one, but I will try.  So far my mom has found my childhood favorite My Melody.  I got my hands on Badz Maru today.  The search continues. 

  Spent most of last night and today trying to figure out why Sims is lagging so horribly.  It came out of nowhere.  I hope I can fix it.  For the moment, though, I'm back to cleaning.  My mom got a Wii with the Wii Fit package and at the moment there is no space for it.  So, to clean.  Perhaps if I help her with this she'll continue to help me in my search for that elusive green frog.


  Looks like this is the home of my blog now.  It's cozy.  I kind of liked the more-or-less built-in fanbase of myspace, but I suppose this will do.  After all, we all have to restart somewhere.  As before, this is my eHome . . .  well . . . inside my home.  Here I will continue to share the goings-on of my life as well as anything else I find interesting and worthy of sharing.  Such as, I am surprised at how difficult it is to type on this laptop with my watch on.  There we are, much better.  For those of you who are new to this, I do have a tendancy to ramble on.  I like typing and I like the sounds the keys make.  I have many interests and this is where I can share those interests without being interrupted.  :-p  I can still be scoffed at or teased, but you're in my computer and can't hurt me.  Sometimes I get distracted.  Like right now.  My monitor is filthy!  Well, since I've moved someplace new, it simply won't do to start off with a dirty monitor.  There.  Now I can see you.  So please, come in.  Have a seat.  And enjoy.  For any faithful myspaceians who have followed me all the way here: Welcome back!  I've missed you.  And, hey, did you know Blogger allows adult content?  hehehehe  I'm not saying there will be any, but it's nice to have the option.  I suppose that's all for now.  *mwah*  Take care, be safe, I love you all!