Sunday, August 1, 2010


Elvis seems to be doing a little better. His waking times are not so traumatic and we've got a list of things to check (hunger, thirst, bathroom, etc) to see what he wants. We sleep when he sleeps, we run errands when he sleeps. We watch him when he sleeps. The pills aren't supposed to knock him out, but we're not lowering the dose. Sleep is good. Sleep is restful. Sleep gives us a break. He hasn't pooped, but he hardly ate the last two days. His appetite is coming back so hopefully pooping won't be too painful for him when it does come. *sigh* We're doing what we can to keep him comfortable and relaxed and it does seem to be helping. Over the course of the day he appears to be walking a bit better. Not appreciably better, mind you, and he still can't quite support his weight on his back legs . . . but better than he was. They don't just dangle uselessly anymore, is what I'm saying. So I'm hopeful. And the crying helped. I can be strong again.

Dave helped me get the internets back on track. :-) Now things are loading up like they're supposed to and not at the speed of dial-up. I did get my car (excuse me, our car) and the pics are up on facebook. After Elvis is all squared away I'm going to see if we've got the money to get it painted green. If not, the paint will just have to wait. And, yes, I mean GREEN. No pansy ass "could be anybody's car" green. If you see me driving around, you'll know that's my car. lol If anybody's curious, and I know you are, Toyota of Killeen has some pretty damn decent financing. We put down half the price of the car, so even with less-than-stellar credit between the two of us, my dad got 6.5% interest. Not too shabby. The payments are a little higher than I would have liked cuz he went and added a basic protection plan (in addition to the pre-existing Toyota warranties), but what he does with his money is his business. They're still low enough that as soon as I get a job, even at minimum wage, I should be able to take over the payments easily.

Uhm, I suppose that's all. I've got to drop him off in 6 hours so I'm going to get some sleep now. I'll probably be waking up again anyway for puppy patrol, but that's okay. He needs to know we're here for him. And Aaron will be up to wake me up in case I really just fall out. G'night all. Oh, and since I haven't had much of an appetite myself lately, I haven't eaten enough to be able to take my pills. So the journey through my colon is on pause until I figure out what to do about that. Sorry. I know you were just on the edgeof your seats to see what would happen next.

And I'm not actually playing Arkham Asylum, Aaron is. But I am watching him play it.

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