Saturday, August 28, 2010

Elvis Update

Still, as before, the days are running together. Elvis' abscess healed up just fine. As I thought, the scabs became a problem. Well, one of them did. The other two are healing up and working on falling off on their own. That one, though . . . he ripped it off and there was a huge hole underneath. The edge was red and agitated, the inside was grey. We've been keeping it clean and covered (it's on the side he likes to lay on, unfortunately) and now the whole thing is a healthy(ish) pink and it looks like it's starting to close up. That's a relief.

Sleep, however, is at a premium. To keep him from injuring himself further one of us needs to be on watch at all times to help him up and around. We feed him by hand . . . er . . . plate in hand and he's getting his water through one of those big medicine syringes. It's tedious, but we love him. There's no telling if even after his hole heals if he'll be able to get up and move around on his own, but we're just taking it one day at a time.

It's kind of amazing how things have changed this past month. We thought once we got the car we'd be out getting jobs and exploring ghost towns and spending time with the inlaws. Unfortunately, no. We keep hoping, but really we don't know. One day at a time . . . .

Now that we've got the hi-speed I've been going through deviantart and some of my bookmarked blogs (other people's, not my own blog) and I want to take pictures. Since I lost all that weight I really haven't. Perhaps I'm more nit-picky now . . . .We'll see how that works out, I suppose. I hope everyone is doing well.

And, yeah, if you haven't been keeping up on facebook; I did watch the entire 'Earl' series start to finish. ;-)

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