Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Better Still

Yes, Elvis is doing better. He can now, for the most part, get up on his own. So though he still runs into stuff and sometimes gets stuck in places we don't have to jump up 100+ times a day to help him to his feet. He still has stretches where he just gets himself all worked up and will not calm down, but he also has stretches where he sleeps quite peacefully. He does have some random sores here and there that are a tad worrisome, but Aaron got them cleaned up last night so hopefully they will clear up on their own. Would be nice to know where they came from, though.

We started him on this expensive joint stuff that I think is helping with the moving around. We also started on his eye drops. Hopefully they will help him regain at least some of his sight. Perhaps being able to see will calm him down some? *fingers crossed*

I put in an application at PetSmart. I've been looking around at a couple of places, but there are so few places hiring around here. I really do not want to work in fast food or housekeeping again . . . . genuinely awful. *sigh* Hopefully something good comes up soon.

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