Saturday, August 28, 2010

Elvis Update

Still, as before, the days are running together. Elvis' abscess healed up just fine. As I thought, the scabs became a problem. Well, one of them did. The other two are healing up and working on falling off on their own. That one, though . . . he ripped it off and there was a huge hole underneath. The edge was red and agitated, the inside was grey. We've been keeping it clean and covered (it's on the side he likes to lay on, unfortunately) and now the whole thing is a healthy(ish) pink and it looks like it's starting to close up. That's a relief.

Sleep, however, is at a premium. To keep him from injuring himself further one of us needs to be on watch at all times to help him up and around. We feed him by hand . . . er . . . plate in hand and he's getting his water through one of those big medicine syringes. It's tedious, but we love him. There's no telling if even after his hole heals if he'll be able to get up and move around on his own, but we're just taking it one day at a time.

It's kind of amazing how things have changed this past month. We thought once we got the car we'd be out getting jobs and exploring ghost towns and spending time with the inlaws. Unfortunately, no. We keep hoping, but really we don't know. One day at a time . . . .

Now that we've got the hi-speed I've been going through deviantart and some of my bookmarked blogs (other people's, not my own blog) and I want to take pictures. Since I lost all that weight I really haven't. Perhaps I'm more nit-picky now . . . .We'll see how that works out, I suppose. I hope everyone is doing well.

And, yeah, if you haven't been keeping up on facebook; I did watch the entire 'Earl' series start to finish. ;-)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back Again

Some days are more than others. More anything, ya know? Some are more depressing, some more random, some more fulfilling. Lately my days have been squishing together without much to differentiate one from the other. I know today is Tuesday because I looked at the calendar, but yesterday I did not know it was Monday until RAW came on. Even then it could have been some early morning re-run had the sun not still been up.

Anyway, a couple days ago I got fed up with facebook trying to push it's "friend finder" on me. I relented with the assumption that it would find nobody I wanted on my friend list, being that 98% of my address book is comprised of long dormant group members. Instead I was surprised when John/Ken came up. I checked his "wall" figuring he had last been active months or even years ago. Again, I was wrong. So I sent him a friend request, figuring it would be weeks (if ever) that he accepted, and longer still to hear from him. Ah, wrong again. (I really should learn not to assume) It is quite comforting that while we may not be your traditional "friends" that we can still speak/write after a 10 year hiatus. I mean, we've known each other since second grade and while a lot has changed . . . . it's comforting. Like knowing your family will always be there for you.

Elvis is maintaining. Not really better, not really worse. His abscess hole is healing quite nicely. It's his rugburn that is problematic. Ya know, since he continually drags himself across the floor trying to stand. We're doing what we can, though. Including trying to catch him early to help him stand. Have I mentioned his eye drops and joint liquid? He's on those. We don't have unnaturally high hopes. Just a standard of "if it's not hurting him we may as well try." Since the eye drops aren't burning him and the liquid isn't giving him diahrea, we're continuing on.

I'm currently reading Hamlet. Yes, really. Yes, all on my own. I enjoyed it the first time and I'm enjoying it more now. I understand it now without Mrs. Garner explaining every other line to the whole class. (Yes, Brak, I believe Walter and I were in English together. I forgot to add that.) My motivation is to re-watch Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead and understand both the references to the play and the actual jokes at the same time. I started 3 days ago and am into Act 3.

In these trying times I take joy in what I can. My ongoing job search is not one of those joys, but alas, it must be done. A hearty thanks to those who have wished me good luck on that journey.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Better Still

Yes, Elvis is doing better. He can now, for the most part, get up on his own. So though he still runs into stuff and sometimes gets stuck in places we don't have to jump up 100+ times a day to help him to his feet. He still has stretches where he just gets himself all worked up and will not calm down, but he also has stretches where he sleeps quite peacefully. He does have some random sores here and there that are a tad worrisome, but Aaron got them cleaned up last night so hopefully they will clear up on their own. Would be nice to know where they came from, though.

We started him on this expensive joint stuff that I think is helping with the moving around. We also started on his eye drops. Hopefully they will help him regain at least some of his sight. Perhaps being able to see will calm him down some? *fingers crossed*

I put in an application at PetSmart. I've been looking around at a couple of places, but there are so few places hiring around here. I really do not want to work in fast food or housekeeping again . . . . genuinely awful. *sigh* Hopefully something good comes up soon.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Plodding Along

So. After his recovery he had an abscess that burst. It was gross and kind of frightening. We cleaned and wrapped him up. I monitored his temperature and he never developed a fever so we just kept his wound area clean until his appointment . . . . which was Friday. The vet shaved him up and cleaned him with antiseptic (which he did not like) and prescribed an antibiotic just in case.

He still gets all kinds of worked up and has a hard time keeping himself upright. It's probably closed now so tomorrow we're heading to PetSmart and picking him up one of those assistance harnesses. Mostly to make things easier on us.

Our days are still spent watching him and getting out when we can. It's tiresome, but we love him. So for the moment we've got Netflix (thanks Dave!) and Aaron is loving it. lol I've been playing through Bully: Scholarship Edition. I beat the original with 100% now to see if I can do it again. Gotta remember to pick up ashtrays when we go out . . . I don't know how we lost 3 of 'em . . . .

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Almost Normal

Elvis is doing much much better. He doesn't seem to be in pain anymore. He just gets himself all worked up because he still can't move around so good (which he was having problems with before) or get up like he feels he should be able to. Hopefully we can get some good joint stuff for him that can help. We got some eyedrops for him that are supposed to clear up cataracts so maybe we can get him seeing again. That could be a good thing. Keep him from running into stuff. *fingers crossed* He doesn't yelp or anything when he poops which is fantastic. We were really worried about that one. So now we're just dealing with him being totally out of his freaking mind. Almost forgot how tiresome that can be.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Elvis seems to be doing a little better. His waking times are not so traumatic and we've got a list of things to check (hunger, thirst, bathroom, etc) to see what he wants. We sleep when he sleeps, we run errands when he sleeps. We watch him when he sleeps. The pills aren't supposed to knock him out, but we're not lowering the dose. Sleep is good. Sleep is restful. Sleep gives us a break. He hasn't pooped, but he hardly ate the last two days. His appetite is coming back so hopefully pooping won't be too painful for him when it does come. *sigh* We're doing what we can to keep him comfortable and relaxed and it does seem to be helping. Over the course of the day he appears to be walking a bit better. Not appreciably better, mind you, and he still can't quite support his weight on his back legs . . . but better than he was. They don't just dangle uselessly anymore, is what I'm saying. So I'm hopeful. And the crying helped. I can be strong again.

Dave helped me get the internets back on track. :-) Now things are loading up like they're supposed to and not at the speed of dial-up. I did get my car (excuse me, our car) and the pics are up on facebook. After Elvis is all squared away I'm going to see if we've got the money to get it painted green. If not, the paint will just have to wait. And, yes, I mean GREEN. No pansy ass "could be anybody's car" green. If you see me driving around, you'll know that's my car. lol If anybody's curious, and I know you are, Toyota of Killeen has some pretty damn decent financing. We put down half the price of the car, so even with less-than-stellar credit between the two of us, my dad got 6.5% interest. Not too shabby. The payments are a little higher than I would have liked cuz he went and added a basic protection plan (in addition to the pre-existing Toyota warranties), but what he does with his money is his business. They're still low enough that as soon as I get a job, even at minimum wage, I should be able to take over the payments easily.

Uhm, I suppose that's all. I've got to drop him off in 6 hours so I'm going to get some sleep now. I'll probably be waking up again anyway for puppy patrol, but that's okay. He needs to know we're here for him. And Aaron will be up to wake me up in case I really just fall out. G'night all. Oh, and since I haven't had much of an appetite myself lately, I haven't eaten enough to be able to take my pills. So the journey through my colon is on pause until I figure out what to do about that. Sorry. I know you were just on the edgeof your seats to see what would happen next.

And I'm not actually playing Arkham Asylum, Aaron is. But I am watching him play it.