Friday, July 30, 2010

For Elvis

I am so mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. Yesterday I sat in the Midas lobby for 7 hours waiting on the van. Today, three more. And therein lies the problem. By the time we got home Elvis was way overheated and dehydrated. We got him cooled off, but then he started shaking and yelping. It was awful. We got him to the vet and they looked him over and did the bloodwork. They believe it was a combination of dehydration, shock and arthritis that was/is ailing him. The good news is that he's 20+ years old, in great shape for his age (a little anemic, high-ish glucose and the arthritis is all) and amazing that we've only taken him to the vet once before.

So, at the moment he is still at the vet. We should be able to pick him up in an hour. They haven't called us and that's a good sign. They're giving him IV fluids and a pain reliever. They said he's in good shape so the prognosis is "good" but that due to his age they can't make any guarantees long term. I'm so tired, but I know if I lay down then I'll just conk right out. Perhaps I'll see if that's a message from Brak and then paint my nails to pass the rest of the time.

Sorry if you're trying to read this and the purple background isn't showing up. Stupid myspace, it seems, is only fully loading intermittently.

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