Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back Again

Good afternoon, dear readers. However many of you are left. Myspace has become like a ghost town. But, that's hardly the point is it? Again it's been over a month, and no this isn't my fantastic pierogi recipe. For anybody keeping track I'm down to 151.4lbs. But that's not the point either. The point, I suppose, is once again feeling that need to reach out. Although, that's not entirely accurate either. That feeling I am having is a strong desire to have someone reach out to me. Because, see, I've reached out. There are people who I have strong reason to believe are avoiding me. The only person who has actively reached out to me is my cousin. So here I sit, crunching on a carrot, looking at my silent phone and wondering . . . . is it me? No, this isn't a cry for attention or fishing for compliments. Just genuine curiosity. I suppose it's feasable that everyone's busy. I'm well aware that I'm one of only a handful of people with absolutely no life. But, really, is it me?

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