Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sims 3 Legacy Challenge #1

There is a thing on called the Legacy Challange. It's unofficial, just something fun to do to test yourself and, well, give us something to do while we wait impatiently for the upcoming expansion pack. I don't see myself submitting anything because the scoring is kind of complicated (rules can be found here:, but I will follow the rules and see how I do. Just for the fun of it.
I've decided to run a matriarchal legacy. My founding sim is named Elisabeth Topaz. As per the "rules" I randomized her traits and they came up as: Insane, Hates Art, Disciplined, Commitment Issues and Evil. Certainly not a sim I would have made for myself, but that's part of the fun. ^_^

I settled her into the appropriate lot, and as stated she did not have much to build a home with. I gave her 4 small walls and a bed. The meager beginnings to the Topaz Legacy.

Her Lifetime Want is to be a Jack of All Trades, meaning she wants to reach Level 5 in 4 different careers. Her first want was to join the Scientific career, so that was her first start. Helpful that one of the main skills needed for this job is gardening. She can harvest food for herself to eat and work on a skill needed for promotion. So she's pilfered food from the local park and used the facilities at the gym to get by.
While at the library reading up on gardening a male sim caught her eye. So she strikes up a conversation. Being insane she has some interesting choices for chatting it up with other sims. Miraculously he was not put off by such outbursts as "Catch anything good?" and "Conspiracy rant". In addition he was pulled in by "Mastermind Plot" leading to the discovery that he is also evil. And so the plan was put in motion. They were quickly wed and his added household funds were used to break ground on what will soon become Topaz Manor.

Even a matriarchal lineage needs some male assistance to grow, and so Dallas Shallow-Topaz is also important. His lifetime goal is to reach Level 10 in the criminal career track and his traits are: Flirty, Great Kisser, Evil, Perfectionist and Kleptomaniac. A good chunk of their "wedding" money was spent on the groundbreaking so it will be a bit yet before they are ready to start the family line. Should give Dallas enough time to increase his painting skill so he can start painting up some portraits. That, I think, will be one of the biggest pains is maintaining a sim through enough of the 10 generations to get the portraits done. I want to, I think it makes a fine addition.

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