Monday, March 8, 2010

Donahoe Day

Yesterday we went out and BBQed with the in-laws. That was fun. I was actually pretty impressed with the kids. His mom is holding up better than I would have expected. Do pray for her, though, if you're so inclined. She could really use some mental and spiritual cleansing.

Finally! We made it out to our first ghost town expedition! It was a tough start, but it was easy to find. To read up on all we found out at Donahoe, check out my snazzy website:

You may have to cut & paste. I never know when myspace is gonna bork my links. One thing I didn't mention on that site is that when we got up to that house the crows were going bananas! lol They were cawing the whole time we were there. On the way to Donahoe we passed a historical marker (which we got pictures of on our way back) and the only other thing of note was "Jerry's Place" where you can get beer. Or so the flashing sign said. We did not check. lol Seen enough scary movies to know better.

Yes, for the most part Donahoe was depressing. I'm glad we went, though. It was a good first time out. Now we know what works and what we need to work on. Mozeltov! After that adventure we went in the clear opposite direction to Cove. My mom's looking at some houses there she's thinking of buying. Just one . . . . looking at houses to buy? Sure. Anyway, the one we thought we'd find easily we never did and the one we didn't think we'd find was SCARY! Ever been out on Kubitz Rd. in Cove? The road to get there is long and windey and potholed. There was a cool church with a big cross on the mountain . . . and that was the least frightening part of that expedition.

We got to Kubitz and took a right. That's what mapquest told me to do and it got us to Donahoe alright. Well . . . this was kinda my bad, in a way. I shoulda paid a little more attention looking at the map on and we probably wouldn't have been attacked by devil dogs!!! *phew* lol It wasn't that bad, I guess. We got to the end of the road and these two dogs came barking at the van. We had enough time to turn around and roll up the windows before they got to us, but they did circle us barking for a bit. So we checked the "left" turn and there it was. The house that looked so good in it's listing . . . I don't think I've ever seen a yard that was just as wide as the trailer sitting on it. In it? Whatever. The neighbors porch was practically encroaching into the yard and there was a huge dog on that porch . . . . no thank you. Also, the back yard didn't look near as big as it should have for being over 1/2 an acre.
So we went back home. After going to HEB. lol Anyway, shared the story of the house and here we are. I've been wrestling with dial-up since trying to get this and that page up. You're welcome! Also, Seventh Moon was freaky! It's even got old documentary footage of people with experiences with the 7th lunar month spirits. Check it out!

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