Friday, February 5, 2010

Texas Treasures

First a rant: Fucking Schneider. As soon as my dad got the "ok" to go back to work they cut his disability pay even though they didn't take him back to work for almost a week. So he gets paid significantly less than he has been these past three months. All this unbeknownst to me when I go ahead and wake up early to pay the online bills like a good girl and now it's up to me to pawn my mom's jewelry (or try to) so we can eat. *ggrrr* And it's still at least a week before my mom gets her money and the church group's "help the needy members" resources have been tapped. Top that all off with an Elvis who won't stop whining and we can't figure out why (we even went to the vet and got him the expensive flea stuff) which is both annoying and very troubling. *sigh* Now we're trying to figure out how to cancel the cable payment. Good freakin' luck.

Now, the (formerly?) exciting news. I've been steadily plodding my way through the archives of that blog I found and it got me re-jacked up about old abandoned building. At first my search was decidedly depressing as the only thing I could find (before revising my search) was a ghost town remnant from the old Rt. 66. Which can be seen in all it's exciting, decrepit glory here. I do want to go there, but being as it's right up on the New Mexico state line poses a bit of a time/gas problem. Ah! The lightning-strike of genius at work! Ghost towns! Surely that can't be the only one, right?

Heh. I didn't know how right until I found this site archiving a whopping 587 ghost towns in Texas!! *faints* Very nice of them to chop Texas up into eight easily browseable chunks. Scan down the list for locations in Bell and Coryell counties and I think there was something like 10 or so. A couple I was unable to find on mapquest (although I now have an idea for "historical marker" searching which should prove promising), one was swallowed by Ft. Hood *grumbles* and that left me with 4 easy to get to locations. Even luckier is that 2 are next to each other and the other two are next to each other.

First proposed trip: I was hesitant to post this on account of I don't want some Jew trying to Ninja her way out there before we get to *eyes the Sandypants* but I figured it would be better to put it out there and trust that she won't hurt my feelings than to not put it out there and have my feelings hurt on accident. Right? Right. Because the first proposed (looks like we won't have the gas for a while *sigh*) trip is actually very close. First is a roughly 45 minute drive out to Donahoe (pronounced Donna-"hyoo") for a haunted grave and cemetary. According to mapquest's satalite there's possibly houses still standing. As to whether or not they have been since squated in is not shown. Then another 45 minute trek up to Stringtown which boasts a still-standing church (I think I can see it on the map!) and possibly a school if we're lucky enough to find it. Also looks like there's houses and stuff scattered around there too. Then about 45 minutes (cuz it's a triangle, that's why) back home. Man I can't wait to get out there and snoop . . . er, snap . . . pictures. Hehehe. And for those of you reading this thinking that I think I'm 16 again; I'm not going anywhere without Aaron and/or Sandy (and/or JD) and I will make sure someone in town knows where we're going to be and that no, in fact, it's not an overnight trip. No taking off to strange, possibly not deserted places all by my lonesome with no one knowing where I am.

Also I discovered a very interesting bit of information. An interesting law in fact where on the first Sundays in April and October persons who own "private" cemetaries, unless said cemetary contains the remains of just one family (any cemetary with anyone outside of just one family is public-private) have to let people in! It's an effort so that these rural and "ghost town" cemetaries don't go lost and forgotten. Woohoo!!! *whoops* Didn't bookmark that site . . . gimme a sec . . . . nuts! I'm still under my dad's account . . . . *fingers crossed* . . . . *phew* Sometimes aol won't cleanly switch over if there's stuff loading. Ah. Here it is . . . in that page somewhere. Stupid freakin' dial-up.

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