Friday, February 12, 2010

11 & 12

Yesterday was kind of an interesting day. Driving around trying to figure out what we were going to have for dinner and decided to make a quick trip to O'Mart. ^_^ Aaron wanted dumplings and I wanted Tako Chips. When we got there we found so much more. Firstly being a bag of Shin Chan chips! You remember me mentioning Shin Chan, right? Absolutely funny cartoon (featuring Action Bastard! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!) that Adult Swim dropped and has yet to bring back? Well, here's the collage I made from the pictures on the bag:

Oh yes I did. ^_^ I also saved one of the little faces and taped it to the front of the camera. There's also one on the DVD shelf by Aaron's head, but I don't think he's noticed it yet. Before getting in line there was a super sweet selection of Hello Kitty candies. After much debate Aaron picked out this one for me:

It's gum. There is strawberry, green grape and something that looks like a fizzy blue cup of something. Interestingly enough it tasted like blue fizz . . . hrm. We spent quite a bit of time in line. There was a lady we let in front of us and the old lady in front of her was having the damndest time counting out her money. The lady in front of us turned to Aaron and said something in what could have been any of several Asian languages spoken around here . . . without thinking twice! lol I told Aaron it's cuz he looks half Asian. It was pretty funny anyway.

Today we went and watched Wolfman. It was pretty good. Amazing, too, that being the middle of the day on Friday the theater was still packed! We've had pretty fair luck getting a mostly-empty theater for the early bird special, but not this time. Anyway, it was a pretty good movie . . . if you like werewolf movies go ahead and check it out. If not then you could probably wait for it to come out on Netflix or something. The funny thing was that in the parking lot as we were leaving Aaron found a silver bracelet outside the van. *eerie music*

After that we went to that used game store by Kwik Kar and then Walmart (to pick up dinner. . . . it's kind of what we do) and Aaron grabbed my early V-day prezzies:

Ta-da! Zombieland (which we nabbed for a cool $13) and, of course, the all-important Whitman's Sampler. MMMmmm good. Y'all be careful out in the snow. Seems like everyone's getting it . . . except us. Stay warm!

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