Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Can't Drive 65!

In fact, at one point I looked down to discover I was doin' 80! But I'm getting ahead of myself. You, my wonderful readers, are here for the full story aren't you? Not some abridged version for the masses. Well, here it is; in all it's full-color 3.2 Megapixel glory. Enjoy.

My day actually started off with a very unusual dream. I don't remember all of the details, but Clint was there and Eva was there. We were at some kind of college where the library was like a huge museum of books! There was something hinky going on, but I don't remember what exactly. I woke up before my alarm went off so I had some time to check my email and plant some squash on my farmville farm. lol I'm so addicted to that game. Around 6:30am my dad calls asking if I'm ready. Of course I'm ready! I was born ready. . . . hehehe. *ahem* I know Aaron's going to fall asleep as soon as we leave so I bring Elvis in out of the cold, grab a sack lunch and off we go!
First stop was a slight backtrack to the just-off-post gas station to fill-er-up. My dad actually drove up there and suggested I take a nap in the back. No freakin' way! I'm always driving so I never get to see any of the interesting and unusual Texas landscape between here and "parts North". Not that there was much to see at first. Partly because I've seen it all a zillion times, partly because the sun was still asleep. Then as we made our way past Temple I spied quite a few sad, decrepit looking houses. If it had been lighter out I would have just raked in the pics! If it hadn't been 29 degrees I would have rolled down the window and snapped away hoping for the best. *sigh* Overall the trip was far quicker than I expected even though we didn't talk much. You know that stretch of road between Carl's Corner and Waxahachie that always has construction signs but they're never constructing anything? Well, they are now. I think they're making the whole stretch between Hillsboro and Dallas 3-4 lanes. Seems unneccesary on a Sunday morning when there isn't much traffic, but I know it does get busy sometimes so . . . *shrugs* I hope it's worth the money. Apparently there's a bridge in that area that, when they blew it up, people came from all over the state (and parts of Louissiana!) to watch it blow. lol That's hilarious . . . I wish I coulda been there.
The big Schnieder lot was actually a few miles down I-20. Easy to get to, though. Just not easy to get in to. They have a huge electrified fence (or so the sign says, I didn't actually test it) and a speaker where you have to tell some lady your driver ID number so she can open the gate. So we drove in and dad grabbed his shit and headed off back into the working world. This next part kind of pissed me off cuz it's just as hard to get out as it is to get in. You have to press the speaker button and tell the lady why you were in the lot for her to open the 'out' gate! OMFG!! And the speaker quality is so bad she had to repeat herself 3 times before I got what she wanted. *sheesh* The trip back was easy and uneventful; minus my lead foot. lol I even took a couple of pictures up around Waxahachie and Carl's Corner to share with y'all! Aren't you lucky?

Those first two are actually from the I-20/I-35E junction. That's I-35E under me! How exciting! ^_^ This next one I had to get and here's why: On our way to the lot we passed a billboard that had a cucumber with googly eyes and the message "Stop vegetable abuse!" and this stores website. It's an adult store and it's right off the highway:

Hehehe This next one is just an interesting building with spooky trees painted on it. The next one after that is a log cabin-lookin' building that does woodworking stuff.

Next is a couple pics of the Corning factory gunking up our air.

I also got a pic of a billboard that says "Waxahachie" and one for Scarborough Faire!

This next pic is of, what I call, the Monopoly Houses. It's an apartment complex painted red and green just like Monopoly pieces. XD

So then I put the camera away for a while 'til I got to Carl's Corner. I actually pulled off the highway so I could get a good picture of Willy Nelson's gas station! I also have a pic of a place that's attached to it and the sign for the street that it sits on. ^_^ And, get this, when I got out of the van to get these pictures . . . it was freakin' snowing!!! I 'bout froze my tatas off but it was totally worth it.

That's all for pictures. I would have liked to get some decrepit-houses pics but there either aren't that many on the south-bound side . . . or I missed 'em cuz I was driving. Also, just before getting into Lorena I developed a massive itch on my ankle. Not easy to remedy while wearing boots & driving. lol Got back here safe and sound, spent about an hour trying to figure out what's wrong with my mom's comp and then promptly fell asleep until Aaron laid a hot plate of hamburger helper on my chest. I think I dreamed . . . but I don't remember. Currently I'm trying to find a gallery of decrepit houses. It's not quite as satisfying as actually going out and getting close to 'em to get the pictures myself . . . but I suppose it's the next best thing.

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