Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dad's Appt & Weird Dream

So. My dad had his cardiology appointment yesterday. It went really well. I'm happy about that. His blood pressure and cholesterol are down. He's cut himself back to only a couple of cigarettes aday and I'm sure that helped at least as much as better food choices. Darnell just got his records in from his stay in Tennessee and apparently they put in there that one more of his arteries needs to be angio-ed. Luckily his appointment for that is tomorrow. No dilly-dallying. I'm taking him bright and early in the morning. We'll be there for 4 hours after the procedure "just to be sure" and then hopefully he'll be cleared for work in a week. *phew* So keep up with the happy thoughts!

Now, my dream. I was pregnant. Very pregnant. The weird thing about that was my belly felt . . . stiff around the edges. Anyway, birthing time was near so Aaron, my mom, my dad, Sandy, some guy I don't know and myself piled into the van and went to the birthing place. Not quite a hospital, more like a specialized birth-giving center. The outside was red-brown brick, the inside was darker than I expected. A nurse came by to give us the paperwork and suddenly I really had to pee. My mom stayed to fill out paperwork and Sandy went with me to the bathroom. That was weird. They had normal bathroom stalls, except the toilet was turned sideways so that when I sat on it my nose and belly were practically touching the wall. I guess I could've sat on the toilet sideways . . . but I didn't think about that 'til after I woke up. Anyway, after I relieved myself Sandy and I were trying to make our way back to everyone else, but we got lost. We ended up outside on this bridge. Some kid ('bout 14 years old, yellow-blonde hair) driving a Mini Cooper practically flies over the bridge and crashes on the other side. We look over and it's just a mangled mess. Unfortunately the baby is wanting to come out so we head back towards the building figuring we can get help on the way. All of a sudden this creepy yellow-headed kid comes running out of nowhere and corners me. He's got a long almost lizard tongue and he's licking it over my belly! Sandy grabs a brick and is wailing on the back of his head, but it doesn't do any good. . . . that's when I woke up.

Here's what dreammoods says about dreaming that you're pregnant:

To dream that you are pregnant, symbolizes an aspect of yourself or some aspect of your personal life that is growing and developing. You may not be ready to talk about it or act on it. This may also represent the birth of a new idea, direction, project or goal.

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