Friday, January 8, 2010

Angio In Austin

Yesterday was another long long day. We headed out a little after 8am. It was about 26 degrees outside. We went by HEB to pick up munchies since that was one of the big problems in TN was missing meal times. Then we headed off to Austin. The traffic was actually really light, and the construction at the intersection of I35 and 195 looks to be finished up. It takes longer to get on and off the highway at that point than it used to, but it's less confusing than it was when they were constructing. Once we got to Austin we actually didn't get lost or turned around. Missed one turn but made up for that quickly and easily. Yay!

We got to the hospital a whole hour early. It was really nice and not all confusing with tons of doors and corridors. Got checked in and ready to go quickly and easily. He got a private room with a tv, so that was nice. I spent a good chunk of time using his blackberry to update his facebook even though he's only got 4 facebook friends not including myself. lol It gave me something to do. I got through 200 more pages of "Under the Dome" but the way I was sitting it was hurting my neck.

The nurses were all really nice. Came in, took his vitals and then within an hour or so he was taken to the "Cath Lab" and about 45 minutes he was brought back. Then the waiting and the checking and the more waiting. Finally around 8pm the nurse came in with the rundown of how the procedure went and diet and excersize stuff. It went well. lol We won't know for sure how well until his followup on the 22nd, but so far everything's looking good.

Outside the hospital there was a pond. As cold as it was there was still a crane and a handful of ducks. On the opposite side was a HUGE oak tree that was so huge it won a "Big Tree" award from the city of Austin. You can see all this stuff (including the parking garage) in the pics I'm about to upload. Speaking of the parking garage, we did get lucky on that front. By the time we got out of the hospital there was nobody manning the pay-station and the bars were up so we got free parking!

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