Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Comes to a close

  It was a year much like all those that have come before.  There was happiness and sadness.  Good and bad.  I think, though, that it has served as a foundation for good things to come.  I lost a decent chunk of weight so losing the rest should be easier.  Aaron's surgery is scheduled and as long as that goes as hoped there are many good things to spring from that in the coming year.  Brak and I got to spend some quality time together which will hopefully translate into many more fun times ahead.  Some things were put into proper perspective so even the hurt was worthwhile.  I caught up with some old friends and released some who were not quite the friends I thought they were. 

  My hopes for the new year are that Aaron's surgery goes well, first off.  To finally be done with this and able to move forward will be a blessing.  I want to lose 15 more pounds.  Everyone (who matters) loves me just the way I am, but . . . I'd like to be in better shape.  Not feel like such a fatass.  I also want to start college in the fall.  I really want Brak to be able to go with me, but if she can't . . . I'm not going to let that stop me.  She'll get back when she can.  That is my other hope.  That she CAN.  I want her well too.  2010 was fun, 2011 will be hard, but hopefully much more productive.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Like a seesaw

  Yep, just like one of those.  Finally got in to see the surgeon with no trouble at all from him.  All of his coming stuff is set up and ready for us.  But since the business office borked our paperwork I'm concerned about his xray Monday.  Do we need a blue slip?  Will they be open to give us one if we do?  Or did the previous one proclaiming "Working with CEA" cover the rest of his appointments from desk 4A?  I wish I knew.  I wish we hadn't already been at the hospital for 3 hours and felt like checking with them before we left. 

  Been cleaning all day today.  I wonder if I'm too tired to be as pissed off as I should be about the amount of trash being generated.  That and the fact that I'm the one having to clean it up.  Why?  Why?!  Because for one my dad's having his vacation next week and I don't want him to do it.  I know he will if it's there.  He's like that.  For two my Brak is coming over soon and I don't want her to cringe at the sty I live in.  We plan on having some fun while she's in Texas and it would be so much better to not be surrounded by garbage and dirty laundry.  I'll admit, my mind is racing.  But that's all I'll admit to.  That and I'm really looking forward to seeing her.  I misses her.
  I'm feeling antsy and eratic.  So many things coming up so quickly.  All of them good, but . . . I feel unprepared.  I don't know what to do or where to start or if plans will live up to expections . . . or if there are expectations or if I'm just expecting that there are expectations.  So many things I want to do . . . . . I'm starting to freak myself out.  I think I'll grab a box and start packing some stuff up.  That'll make room for the other stuff . . . . that seems like a decent enough place to start.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Today's Appointment

  Did not start the day well.  I had my alarm set and it didn't go off (had it set for pm instead of am -_-) so we were running a bit later than we had hoped.  Even picking up his mom, though, we made it there a bit early.  So that was good.  I got through about 10 pages of "Midsummer Night's Dream" when they paged me to say he was done.  Well . . .  the procedure was done, but he was way more doped up than I'd ever seen him.  Soon as we (his mom and myself) got in there he wanted his milk.  Got a bit of a scare when he started drooling and almost choked on it.  I helped him get his shirt on before the Dr. came to talk to us.  Everything looked like he expected it to.  A bit of food but otherwise healthy.  He's going to email the surgeon and see what he can do about getting the next appointment sooner and wants Aaron to call tomorrow to do the same.  "Get him from both sides" he said.  Aaron was in and out of sleep so many times and when he was awake he was hardly coherent.  I know, he was anesthetised, I'm setting up for some of the funny bits.  The first bit is that the one thing he did say clear as a bell.  The nurse came in to remove his IV and told him that she was going to have to remove the tape and that they had put a lot of tape on there.  He says "It's okay.  I do monster makeup so I'm used to having my hair ripped out."  :-)  As I'm wheeling him to the elevators his mom goes to press the button and out shoots his arm, finger pointed, wanting to press it himself.  So I rolled him closer and he got it on the third try. 
  The whole way to dropping his mom off he's still floating in and out of consiousness.  He became quite angry a few times.  Usually when I'd try to help him with something, sometimes when he woke up and realized he had fallen asleep again.  Once when he was trying to ask me questions insisting that he wasn't mumbling.  My honey is quite pissy when he's dopey.  That's okay, though.  I'm sure it was very disorienting for him.  I know it is, in fact.  We dropped his mom off and he told his mom to let his sister know how it went and then as I'm leaving the neighborhood he fell asleep again.  Two minutes after getting on the highway he woke up, turned to tell his mom something and freaked out because she wasn't there.  Then he looked at me like I did something to her and asked where she was and what happened.  From there he tried to write out a text and still hadn't finished by the time we got to Walgreens.  A good 15 minutes later.  He showed it to me and all of the letters were there . . . . just not all in the right order and there were no spaces.  Not too bad.
  He kept looking at his bandage like he couldn't even remember getting the IV out.  He was pretty well wide awake by the time we got home.  He's asleep now.  I'm going through the video of the room.  My mom was acting a bit off this weekend so I set up the webcam to record while we were away.  Just in case.  30 minutes in and so far it's the most boring video ever.  Which is good.  It better stay that way.
  Elvis was thankfully asleep when we got here.  He had a rough weekend.  Two seizures.  Or what I assume were seizures.  He jerked his head backwards, yelped and then went totally limp.  About 30 seconds later he came to and was thirsty.  Or . . . he drank the water we gave him.  That was on Saturday.  Yesterday he was fine and so far so good today.  The video has audio so if something happened while we were away I'll know.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Long Trek

  We've been making frequent trips to Scott & White in Temple.  Gonna have to go again tomorrow.  I'm glad that things are happening, but I hope we can also make them happen quicker.  I want him eating again.  Hopefully for good this time.  Also . . . I need to make some time to take the car in for an oil change.  hopefully that'll take care of the "Maintenance Required" light.  *boo*  Only six months and that light's been on for almost a week.  *double-boo*  I got a call from the dealership stating "our records indicate it's about time for your vehicles regularly scheduled maintenance."  Now how would they know that?!  I don't have onstar.  I think it's some sort of conspiracy.  Even so I guess I should go through my paperwork and see how much they'll do for free.  Or I'll just be lazy and take it in to Midas for their in-depth oil change/diagnostic thingy.  I have a coupon somewhere.

  Elvis is doing okay.  We got him some wormer that kills 4 different kinds of worms.  It was pretty expensive so it better get rid of whatever's crawling around inside of him.  I'm a tad worried.  He'll have bouts where he'll want to get up and move around but he won't stand up on his legs so he just ragdolls back to the ground.  It's both distressing and infuriating.  He still eats and drinks so that's good.  At least he hasn't been a total bastard while we're trying to get Aaron fixed up.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just Act Like You Belong

  Aaron's got long black hair and was wearing his Alice Cooper concert shirt.  I have green and blue-purple hair and was wearing one of my RHPS shirts.  Yet despite this when we strolled into Scott & White, made our way to the elevators and up to the abandoned third floor . . . nobody stopped us.  No one questioned what we were doing there.  No one mentioned that the clinic section of the hospital was closed on Saturdays.  We just waltzed in, set on our mission and got where we were going uninterrupted.  Desks were empty, offices were left open.  Had our intention been mayhem we could have caused quite a stir.  Had we been wearing our Goodwill-aquired doctor gear there's no telling where we could have gone.  Which, knowing that we weren't personally up to no good is kind of an intriguing thought.  But not everyone is as well-intentioned as we are.  So overall it's kind of a frightening thing.  What if we did have a bomb?  Was there some unseen security guard watching us the whole time?  Just waiting for the first sign of trouble?  Or could we have really blown up a decent chunk of the place?  Either way we're heading back first thing Monday morning to accomplish what we went there for yesterday.  To get his damn appointment.  Slackers.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Holidays Approach

  A Happy Chanukah to those who celebrate.  This seems to be the year for holiday good cheer.  Aaron is working on the porch like never before.  It looks quite nice so far.  I'm eager to see how it turns out.  I'm still not fully in the "Christmas Spirit", but I am trying for him. 
  Almost done with my hair.  Shame the roots are coming in so quickly, but I should have a good month or so of absolutely fabulous hair.  ;-)  Green up top, purple on the bottom.  I do love the colors.  Hopefully while my dad's home we'll be able to fix the dishwasher.  He thinks we can at least pull it apart and put it together again, so it's worth a shot. 

  Thankfully, blessedly, Elvis has been sleeping.  Such a relief.  Not that we want him knocked out 24/7, but it is pleasant to have time to ourselves.  His leg-hole is almost fully healed.  His fur isn't quite growing in the way it should, but . . . . that's not a great concern, I suppose.  I know a dog's fur is an indicator of it's health, but we already know he's old and not-quite-well so it's one of those things, I suppose.  We keep him fed and watered and try to make him as comfortable as possible and that's about all we can do.

  I'm trying to keep calm and not let the "extra company" get to me too badly.  Though, I've said it before and I'll say it again, "If I wanted screaming children in the house then I'd make 'em myself!"  Awful.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Close Call

  Again my faith in road karma has been rewarded.  So I agree to drop my sister off on Ft. Hood for work.  Hey, guess who's getting off work and trying to mass exodus to get home?  Yes, all of Ft. Hood.  This would not have normally been a problem.  I was running low on gas, but didn't figure that would be too big a deal.  Just get home, get the money and get gas.  Not today.  Today I got about 20 minutes into the lock-up and the gas light came on.  20 minutes later I'm almost totally empty.  I was talking so sweet to Betsy (my car) you'd think I was trying to get in her pants.  "Just get me up this hill, baby.  You get me up this hill and I'll put so much gas in you."  Yes, really.  I'm working my way to the on-ramp and someone wants to get in front of me to get to the highway.  "Yes, Mr.  Go ahead and merge.  I need all the road karma I can get."  Then I see it.  7-11 gas station right at the top of the hill.  But oh noes!  I need to get over or I'll be stuck on the highway!  "Please, please someone let me over" and then road karma comes around.  I put on my blinker and the guy right behind and to the left of me is trying to pull into my lane and the guy behind me lets him!  Oh glorious space!  So I merge over and make my way uphill and pull in to the gas station.  Each pump is full, but somehow I manage to pull in behind the person who's just finishing up.  Huzzah!  Now I only have $1.40 in change, but look!  An ATM!  It's not the proper bank, but you know . . . . at this point that's perfectly alright. 
  So, sitting at the pump, ATM in sight, you'd think everything is looking my way, right?  Wrong.  The lady in front of me is trying to cash a check for the first time at the ATM.  Indeed, I need to help her through the process even though I've never done it before either.  The real kicker?  She didn't even get the money.  They wouldn't cash it.  So almost half an hour later my gas is finally paid for and I'm on my way.  Oh, but that wasn't the end of it.  All the road is clear until I pull up to try and turn left to get back to the access road.  Then there's cars cars as far as the eye can see.  Fed up I pull right and find a back way.  Then on to home.  Temporarily.  But at least I didn't run out of gas and the rest of the driving was free flowing.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Search Begins!

  McDonald's has done it.  They have Sanrio watches.  They have Keroppi.  I must find Keroppi.  I don't usually do well uncovering the toy or trinket I desire from these collections, so my hopes aren't terribly high in finding this one, but I will try.  So far my mom has found my childhood favorite My Melody.  I got my hands on Badz Maru today.  The search continues. 

  Spent most of last night and today trying to figure out why Sims is lagging so horribly.  It came out of nowhere.  I hope I can fix it.  For the moment, though, I'm back to cleaning.  My mom got a Wii with the Wii Fit package and at the moment there is no space for it.  So, to clean.  Perhaps if I help her with this she'll continue to help me in my search for that elusive green frog.


  Looks like this is the home of my blog now.  It's cozy.  I kind of liked the more-or-less built-in fanbase of myspace, but I suppose this will do.  After all, we all have to restart somewhere.  As before, this is my eHome . . .  well . . . inside my home.  Here I will continue to share the goings-on of my life as well as anything else I find interesting and worthy of sharing.  Such as, I am surprised at how difficult it is to type on this laptop with my watch on.  There we are, much better.  For those of you who are new to this, I do have a tendancy to ramble on.  I like typing and I like the sounds the keys make.  I have many interests and this is where I can share those interests without being interrupted.  :-p  I can still be scoffed at or teased, but you're in my computer and can't hurt me.  Sometimes I get distracted.  Like right now.  My monitor is filthy!  Well, since I've moved someplace new, it simply won't do to start off with a dirty monitor.  There.  Now I can see you.  So please, come in.  Have a seat.  And enjoy.  For any faithful myspaceians who have followed me all the way here: Welcome back!  I've missed you.  And, hey, did you know Blogger allows adult content?  hehehehe  I'm not saying there will be any, but it's nice to have the option.  I suppose that's all for now.  *mwah*  Take care, be safe, I love you all!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Elvis Update

Still, as before, the days are running together. Elvis' abscess healed up just fine. As I thought, the scabs became a problem. Well, one of them did. The other two are healing up and working on falling off on their own. That one, though . . . he ripped it off and there was a huge hole underneath. The edge was red and agitated, the inside was grey. We've been keeping it clean and covered (it's on the side he likes to lay on, unfortunately) and now the whole thing is a healthy(ish) pink and it looks like it's starting to close up. That's a relief.

Sleep, however, is at a premium. To keep him from injuring himself further one of us needs to be on watch at all times to help him up and around. We feed him by hand . . . er . . . plate in hand and he's getting his water through one of those big medicine syringes. It's tedious, but we love him. There's no telling if even after his hole heals if he'll be able to get up and move around on his own, but we're just taking it one day at a time.

It's kind of amazing how things have changed this past month. We thought once we got the car we'd be out getting jobs and exploring ghost towns and spending time with the inlaws. Unfortunately, no. We keep hoping, but really we don't know. One day at a time . . . .

Now that we've got the hi-speed I've been going through deviantart and some of my bookmarked blogs (other people's, not my own blog) and I want to take pictures. Since I lost all that weight I really haven't. Perhaps I'm more nit-picky now . . . .We'll see how that works out, I suppose. I hope everyone is doing well.

And, yeah, if you haven't been keeping up on facebook; I did watch the entire 'Earl' series start to finish. ;-)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back Again

Some days are more than others. More anything, ya know? Some are more depressing, some more random, some more fulfilling. Lately my days have been squishing together without much to differentiate one from the other. I know today is Tuesday because I looked at the calendar, but yesterday I did not know it was Monday until RAW came on. Even then it could have been some early morning re-run had the sun not still been up.

Anyway, a couple days ago I got fed up with facebook trying to push it's "friend finder" on me. I relented with the assumption that it would find nobody I wanted on my friend list, being that 98% of my address book is comprised of long dormant group members. Instead I was surprised when John/Ken came up. I checked his "wall" figuring he had last been active months or even years ago. Again, I was wrong. So I sent him a friend request, figuring it would be weeks (if ever) that he accepted, and longer still to hear from him. Ah, wrong again. (I really should learn not to assume) It is quite comforting that while we may not be your traditional "friends" that we can still speak/write after a 10 year hiatus. I mean, we've known each other since second grade and while a lot has changed . . . . it's comforting. Like knowing your family will always be there for you.

Elvis is maintaining. Not really better, not really worse. His abscess hole is healing quite nicely. It's his rugburn that is problematic. Ya know, since he continually drags himself across the floor trying to stand. We're doing what we can, though. Including trying to catch him early to help him stand. Have I mentioned his eye drops and joint liquid? He's on those. We don't have unnaturally high hopes. Just a standard of "if it's not hurting him we may as well try." Since the eye drops aren't burning him and the liquid isn't giving him diahrea, we're continuing on.

I'm currently reading Hamlet. Yes, really. Yes, all on my own. I enjoyed it the first time and I'm enjoying it more now. I understand it now without Mrs. Garner explaining every other line to the whole class. (Yes, Brak, I believe Walter and I were in English together. I forgot to add that.) My motivation is to re-watch Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead and understand both the references to the play and the actual jokes at the same time. I started 3 days ago and am into Act 3.

In these trying times I take joy in what I can. My ongoing job search is not one of those joys, but alas, it must be done. A hearty thanks to those who have wished me good luck on that journey.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Better Still

Yes, Elvis is doing better. He can now, for the most part, get up on his own. So though he still runs into stuff and sometimes gets stuck in places we don't have to jump up 100+ times a day to help him to his feet. He still has stretches where he just gets himself all worked up and will not calm down, but he also has stretches where he sleeps quite peacefully. He does have some random sores here and there that are a tad worrisome, but Aaron got them cleaned up last night so hopefully they will clear up on their own. Would be nice to know where they came from, though.

We started him on this expensive joint stuff that I think is helping with the moving around. We also started on his eye drops. Hopefully they will help him regain at least some of his sight. Perhaps being able to see will calm him down some? *fingers crossed*

I put in an application at PetSmart. I've been looking around at a couple of places, but there are so few places hiring around here. I really do not want to work in fast food or housekeeping again . . . . genuinely awful. *sigh* Hopefully something good comes up soon.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Plodding Along

So. After his recovery he had an abscess that burst. It was gross and kind of frightening. We cleaned and wrapped him up. I monitored his temperature and he never developed a fever so we just kept his wound area clean until his appointment . . . . which was Friday. The vet shaved him up and cleaned him with antiseptic (which he did not like) and prescribed an antibiotic just in case.

He still gets all kinds of worked up and has a hard time keeping himself upright. It's probably closed now so tomorrow we're heading to PetSmart and picking him up one of those assistance harnesses. Mostly to make things easier on us.

Our days are still spent watching him and getting out when we can. It's tiresome, but we love him. So for the moment we've got Netflix (thanks Dave!) and Aaron is loving it. lol I've been playing through Bully: Scholarship Edition. I beat the original with 100% now to see if I can do it again. Gotta remember to pick up ashtrays when we go out . . . I don't know how we lost 3 of 'em . . . .

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Almost Normal

Elvis is doing much much better. He doesn't seem to be in pain anymore. He just gets himself all worked up because he still can't move around so good (which he was having problems with before) or get up like he feels he should be able to. Hopefully we can get some good joint stuff for him that can help. We got some eyedrops for him that are supposed to clear up cataracts so maybe we can get him seeing again. That could be a good thing. Keep him from running into stuff. *fingers crossed* He doesn't yelp or anything when he poops which is fantastic. We were really worried about that one. So now we're just dealing with him being totally out of his freaking mind. Almost forgot how tiresome that can be.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Elvis seems to be doing a little better. His waking times are not so traumatic and we've got a list of things to check (hunger, thirst, bathroom, etc) to see what he wants. We sleep when he sleeps, we run errands when he sleeps. We watch him when he sleeps. The pills aren't supposed to knock him out, but we're not lowering the dose. Sleep is good. Sleep is restful. Sleep gives us a break. He hasn't pooped, but he hardly ate the last two days. His appetite is coming back so hopefully pooping won't be too painful for him when it does come. *sigh* We're doing what we can to keep him comfortable and relaxed and it does seem to be helping. Over the course of the day he appears to be walking a bit better. Not appreciably better, mind you, and he still can't quite support his weight on his back legs . . . but better than he was. They don't just dangle uselessly anymore, is what I'm saying. So I'm hopeful. And the crying helped. I can be strong again.

Dave helped me get the internets back on track. :-) Now things are loading up like they're supposed to and not at the speed of dial-up. I did get my car (excuse me, our car) and the pics are up on facebook. After Elvis is all squared away I'm going to see if we've got the money to get it painted green. If not, the paint will just have to wait. And, yes, I mean GREEN. No pansy ass "could be anybody's car" green. If you see me driving around, you'll know that's my car. lol If anybody's curious, and I know you are, Toyota of Killeen has some pretty damn decent financing. We put down half the price of the car, so even with less-than-stellar credit between the two of us, my dad got 6.5% interest. Not too shabby. The payments are a little higher than I would have liked cuz he went and added a basic protection plan (in addition to the pre-existing Toyota warranties), but what he does with his money is his business. They're still low enough that as soon as I get a job, even at minimum wage, I should be able to take over the payments easily.

Uhm, I suppose that's all. I've got to drop him off in 6 hours so I'm going to get some sleep now. I'll probably be waking up again anyway for puppy patrol, but that's okay. He needs to know we're here for him. And Aaron will be up to wake me up in case I really just fall out. G'night all. Oh, and since I haven't had much of an appetite myself lately, I haven't eaten enough to be able to take my pills. So the journey through my colon is on pause until I figure out what to do about that. Sorry. I know you were just on the edgeof your seats to see what would happen next.

And I'm not actually playing Arkham Asylum, Aaron is. But I am watching him play it.

Friday, July 30, 2010

For Elvis

I am so mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. Yesterday I sat in the Midas lobby for 7 hours waiting on the van. Today, three more. And therein lies the problem. By the time we got home Elvis was way overheated and dehydrated. We got him cooled off, but then he started shaking and yelping. It was awful. We got him to the vet and they looked him over and did the bloodwork. They believe it was a combination of dehydration, shock and arthritis that was/is ailing him. The good news is that he's 20+ years old, in great shape for his age (a little anemic, high-ish glucose and the arthritis is all) and amazing that we've only taken him to the vet once before.

So, at the moment he is still at the vet. We should be able to pick him up in an hour. They haven't called us and that's a good sign. They're giving him IV fluids and a pain reliever. They said he's in good shape so the prognosis is "good" but that due to his age they can't make any guarantees long term. I'm so tired, but I know if I lay down then I'll just conk right out. Perhaps I'll see if that's a message from Brak and then paint my nails to pass the rest of the time.

Sorry if you're trying to read this and the purple background isn't showing up. Stupid myspace, it seems, is only fully loading intermittently.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Journey Day 6/30

I swear to you, I can not believe how much I'm pooping now. Today especially. Seriously, it's rediculous. But, better out than in, as Shrek always says. Right? Right. I guess. I'm feeling kinda crappy (no pun) today, but I think that's more due to the 5 hours of sleep I got last night. I'm afraid to nap since last time I tried I was out for 3 hours. I've gone nap-shy! *ahem* Anyway. I'm up to 6 pills a day, as per the instructions. Plus two of the detox. Depending on how these next couple of days go I think I may be able to scale down to five. At least the detox pills aren't making me randomly hazy anymore . . . . as far as I can tell. Like I said, 5 hours of sleep. Ok, you know what? Nap time. I'll be double-checking the am/pm setting on my alarm.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Journey Day 4/30

First of all, we finally got the hi-speed. *phew* Such an ordeal. But it's set up now and it's so fast. I can hardly believe it. Especially since we just got a new monitor (okay, it's my mom's old one, whatever) on this computer. It's insanity. INSANITY!! *ahem* But that's not why we're here, is it?

Our journey through my colon continues. It's not as harsh as I was execting. I was expecting sort of a colon-blow effect. Where I'm just sitting on the toilet all day crying and wondering why I ever started this. That's not the case. I think . . . . I think this is how normal people poop. There's no gut-wrenching "oh my god I need to get to the bathroom now" feeling. There's no pain or sudden sweatiness. There's no praying and wishing I could just vomit it up (a la South Park) just to make it stop. Just pooping. And these last two days have been pretty healthy ones too. But . . . . still only once a day and the man on the box wants two. So tomorrow I'm up to 3 pills in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. If that doesn't work then I guess one a day is all he's getting. Sorry Man-on-the-Box. Still a far cry more than once or twice a week. I think if he could hear me, he'd be happy about that much. Or maybe he'd be smug and all "I told you so". Never can tell about a face on a box, right?

So I'm re-learning my body's signals. Kind of an interesting process. "Do I have to go now?" "No, not yet" I still feel mildly bloated for a good chunk of the day. I guess we'll see if that goes away. Last time I weighed myself I had actually gained a pound and a half, but that was at the tail end of my period, so who knows? Still under 150lbs, thankyouverymuch. :-D Though just barely. I need to move around more. Been skipping the bike because omg it's over 100 degrees! I miss winter. Then I could bike to warm myself up.

But, I am rambling and I hear there's tons of interesting stuff on youtube. I think I'll check that out for a bit.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Journey Day 2/30

Day 2 out of 30? Why only 30 days? Cuz that's what the directions said. You take the stuff for 30 days and then don't take it for at least 30 days. So far I've noticed a bigger change than I did on the Activia Challange, that's for sure. lol Nothing drastic or scary, but I'm certainly not used to "going" 4 days in a row. Now the detox pills may be another story. Yes, I know I smoke and cigarettes are just packed full of toxins. I'm aware of this. Could that be the reason for random bouts of haziness? Could be. Could also be the unrelenting heat. -_-

I tried the Shake Weight yesterday . . . . that was kind of a disturbing experience. Ever really felt your back fat jiggle? I never had either until last night. Hopefully that's a good sign. Gonna keep at it and with any luck in a few weeks (if the product works as advertised) I can give y'all free tickets TO THE GUN SHOW!!! *cackles*

Been super productive this morning. Dishes done, bills paid, checkbooks balanced. *phew* Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to try and beg my mom for a new air conditioner. Combat the sun!! Oh, before I go, Aaron and I played co-op Left 4 Dead last night. :-D That was super fun. Okie-dokie. Off I go. Wish me luck. :-)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Come With Me....

. . . . on a magical journey. A journey that will be frought with danger and possibly disaster. A journey along twists and turns you can hardly imagine. A journey *pause for dramatic effect* through my colon. No, I don't have pictures. Fortunately this is a tale where pictures would hinder the . . . . uh . . . .magicalness of it? *ahem* Perhaps I should begin with a bit of background. Take note, this journey is exclusive to my myspace blog readers, however many of you there are currently. Ya know, due to the sensitive subject matter. Pure facebookers just don't have the steel needed for such a journey. ;-)

First, we shall begin from the beginning. Information I have that most people don't get about themselves unless it's in reference to the "gawdawful smell". -_- Anyway, it may or may not surprise you to know that my digestive complaints are not a recent development. Far from it! I can't say for diapers, but when I was being potty trained, at least, I would have issues with the #2. So much so that I drank about as much prune juice as milk.

Over the years I never really kept track of my bowel movements. I went when I had to go. . . . . but I never really spent much time in the bathroom so it couldn't have been frequent. I mean, who wants to waste the time of day pooping when there's so much else to be done? Not me! So I didn't give it much thought. It wasn't until Aaron started paying attention that I thought there might be a problem. "You haven't pooped in almost a week, are you okay?" O.o I guess so. I don't feel un-okay. And I usually don't.

When I started my weight loss venture, a couple of weeks in I got the idea to try the Activia Challenge. That did not go well. . . . . as far as not noticing any change in my digestion. But, here I am now. Still losing weight fairly steadily (down to 148.5lbs) but I still . . . . . feel . . . . . fat. So, where does that lead us? Same place it's always led us, ladies and gentlemen. Late night infomercials.

Have you seen the rivetting commercial for "Colon Cleanse"? It's kind of fascinating to watch an hour of a guy talking about how clogged up your colon could potentially be. With visual aides! "This mass here could be sitting in your colon" Could it? Possibly it is. Please, do go on mustachioed one. So he's hawking this dual-action system. One set of pills is full of detox herbs. One set of pills works on getting your lower plumbing working more efficiently. Again, with herbs. This, of course, piqued my interest. Not that it mattered much. What with it being an infomercial and me with no credit card.

Then, one day, we saw this skinny man and his miracle product on the shelf at HEB. $22 is a bit, though, with groceries being so expensive. Today I found myself with the ability to purchase Colon Cleanse (and the other infomercial favorite: Shake Weight!). Tomorrow I start the pill popping. Let's see if I'm able to remember to take them. I should write out a checklist so I don't forget. Must be taken with food and LOTS of water. No problemo! Water's my new middle name. It also came with a free trial of this super Green Tea fat burner. I'm debating. lol

So, dear Readers, will you join me? I promise, unless something just completely out of this freakin' world happens I will not post pictures! Cross my heart. :-) Unless you want me to.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Navel Battle

Once upon a time, a long long time ago; I was young and stupid. Even though I've never been in "great" shape and don't generally show off my lack of abs, I've always wanted my belly button pierced. As a teenager I was determined to make that happen. Yes, with ice and a safety pin. I got the safety pin through but had no way to get the piercing through. And so the hole closed up.

Then after I turned 18 I decided to go get it professionally done. Saved up my nickels and pulled a name out of the phone book. The place went under shortly after so, again, not the wisest decision. The procedure went well . . . . aside from the guy getting distracted a couple of times. The first night, though, there were problems. The biggest probably being that I sleep 3/4 on my stomach. That first night the ring started going sideways and things were never the same. It never quite healed thanks to all the movement and eventually became horribly infected. Aaron made me take it out. I didn't want to, but I knew it was the best thing. Again it healed.

Which brings us to last night. Went back to Tammy (who, if you recall, pierced my labia) because she's good and I trust her. She was concerned about the scar tissue but we figured it would be okay to just punch right through. Which, as it turns out, was kind of a mistake. There was so much scar tissue! Almost straight through. The needle didn't pull any of it out when it went through. So most of the night was spent with her trying to push the plug of tissue through the hole with the ring. (half-ring I learned from last time) That was an ordeal I won't be repeating. I don't think she will either. When she finally got through there was a loud POP. Amazingly as long as it took and as hard as it was getting through . . . . it didn't hurt as much as I expected it to. I do feel bad that it ended up being such a difficult process. Just going to have to make triple sure this thing heals properly because I just can't (won't!) put her through that again.

Monday, July 19, 2010

My Amazing Pierogie Recipe

What is a pierogie you may ask? It's like a ravioli with different stuff in it. Now that that's out of the way, here's the recipe I used and it came out so good!


2½ cups of flour (could be as much as 3 cups)
1 tsp salt
1 egg
2 tbs. sour cream (preferably regular)
~½ cup lukewarm water

Mix all ingredients together, and knead just a bit. The dough should not be very smooth, and it should be quite sticky. Let stand covered with an inverted bowl for half an hour before using. Take either all, or a portion of the dough, and roll it out until it is 1/16" thick. You will have to use plenty of flour to keep the dough from sticking to the rolling pin and rolling surface. You can also flip the dough several times as well. The thickness is very important.


10ish small red potatoes
About a cup of shredded cheddar
1/2 a package cooked, crumbled bacon
1 tbs sour cream
Bit of butter if the taters are insanely thick

What you're going to do is boil up the taters and mash them. Don't whip them, just mash. Leave lumps. Trust me. Mix in the rest of the stuff and voila, there's your filling.

Roll out your dough and cut out a bunch of circles. I used one of those big disney glasses and that worked fine. Plop about a spoonful of filling in the middle, moisten one half of the edge with water and pinch the sides together. Make sure they are together!! Overlap if you have to. While you're filling your pierogies start up a large pot of boiling water. Once all peirogies are filled, carefully plop them in. They only need a couple of minutes. Then you take 'em out and let 'em drain. You can freeze them after and nuke them later. So good.

Friday, July 16, 2010

My Cave

Wow. 26 views in a week? That is shocking concidering how deatlhy quiet myspace has become. I was going to start a short soliloquy about how myspace has become like a ghost town and that my blog was like my own private little cave again, but I guess that's not the case, is it? lol

Did I just "lol" in my blog? Did I ever do that before? I can't remember. I probably have. At least I'm not one of those poor chat-addicted souls that's "lol-ed" in real life. I bet that's good an embarassing.

Yeah, I really don't have too much to say now that my first plan was all shot to hell. I miss my Brak, I love my husband, I'm totally addicted to Mafia Wars now . . . . and I'm so glad the gears are finally turning. There's a new age on the horizon and I welcome it. I'll let you know how that goes when it gets here. Even though it has been so quiet (I see you hiding there!) I still feel a dedication to my readers. Myspace first, facebook second. Hopefully soon I'll have much more interesting things for you to read about. ;-)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dallas Trip Videos

I didn't get them all uploaded, but most of them. I won't know how this post turns out for a while, on account of the dial-up, so if anybody sees this, could ya please let me know if it's all coded properly? :-D Thanks bunches. All it is is a handful of 1 minute video clips taken out of the window from the last time I drove my dad up to Dallas. Taken with the video function on our digital camera. There would have been more but I ran out of battery. They will be in sequential order, but between size and quality I'm not sure if anybody will even be able to recognize much. We'll see.

Hope that came out okay. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back Again

Good afternoon, dear readers. However many of you are left. Myspace has become like a ghost town. But, that's hardly the point is it? Again it's been over a month, and no this isn't my fantastic pierogi recipe. For anybody keeping track I'm down to 151.4lbs. But that's not the point either. The point, I suppose, is once again feeling that need to reach out. Although, that's not entirely accurate either. That feeling I am having is a strong desire to have someone reach out to me. Because, see, I've reached out. There are people who I have strong reason to believe are avoiding me. The only person who has actively reached out to me is my cousin. So here I sit, crunching on a carrot, looking at my silent phone and wondering . . . . is it me? No, this isn't a cry for attention or fishing for compliments. Just genuine curiosity. I suppose it's feasable that everyone's busy. I'm well aware that I'm one of only a handful of people with absolutely no life. But, really, is it me?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sweet & Sour

Good for chicken, frustrating for life. A little catch-up (I know, I've been away a long time): For a couple of months now I've been on the stationary bike for 30-35 minutes every morning, I just restarted yoga afterwards this morning. From the ages of 12 to 19 I weighed around 135lbs with very little fluctuation. After I married Aaron and he started feeding me such good foods I started to gain weight. Regularly. He's always found me attractive so I didn't mind too much. Until I found I needed new pants. We went to Steve & Barry's and I cried when I learned I needed a size 18 and then weighed myself and tipped the scale at 183. I tried eating less and working out sporadically. Nothing serious because, let's face it, there's a lot of stuff to worry about.

Then came the infamous POD. One of the treasures was the stationary bike. Remember my fake trip to the coast? Well, after all that work a couple of months ago I weighed myself for the first time in possibly years and was shocked to find I'd come down to 174. Nine whole pounds. This gave me hope. From that point I officially started working on trying to get back down to at least 140. So, 30-35 minutes each morning. A little something for breakfast and lunch and no finishing Aaron's dinner for him no matter how good it is or how much is left. Leftovers are not evil and throwing out uneaten food is not a sin.

Recently I've decided to try out the "Activia Challenge". See if maybe my digestive problems could be tied into some of this extra weight. Since the end of April I've been steadily losing a pound or so a week. Not too shabby. On day 4 of the Activia challenge I discovered I'd lost 3 lbs in 2 days. Always, of course, assuming the scale doesn't need to be recallibrated after all the mega-fatties I've seen using the attached heart monitor. I can kind of see a difference, but being as I'm down 25lbs from my fattest . . . I dunno. I'm starting to doubt the scale. That's why I added the yoga. Partly because I love it and it feels so good, partly for more muscle toning.

So, that last weigh in was last night. I'm on the fence between being super excited about being back under 160 and distrusting the scale I've held so dear this past month and a half. Even so I decided to celebrate with some new hair. If I can stop sweating for 2 seconds I'll throw on some make-up and take some pics.

Coming up next: Lizzy's Fantastic Pierogi Recipe ^_^

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Appropriate Dream

So much crap, so little desire to go over it all. I'm typing up my dream diaries so I can have them backed up digitally. Anyway, I came across this dream from four years ago that is a pretty good indicator of how I'm feeling now.


I was a total loner, especially after all of my friends deserted me. I was walking down a road, I think it had just stopped raining. There was a dinner plate sized coin in the middle of the flooded road. I knew it had to be worth a lot of money, so I picked it up. It had gotten pretty nasty, but I knew I could clean it. I can’t remember if I put it in my pocket or my car.

Later I caught up with my friends. They were stacking some boxes and told me to get to the top of the stack to help. I tried, but the way they kept telling me to do things the boxes kept falling. I walked off in a huff without a word to anyone. I ended up at the house of a guy I knew. I was telling him what had happened and cussed, something mild like “ass”. He got real somber and said something about having to apologize later. He pointed across the room and there was a kid sitting there. I sort of blew it off and went with him to the garage. We were working to help his grandma sell it. The girl looking kept complaining about the cars, even though she was getting one for free.

I left, mumbling something about communists, and ran into the man who lived across the street. He had just sold his house so I brought up him helping the guy, who had shown up then too. They started mumbling and looking at their feet. I was about to let it go when the grandma called to make me apologize to the kid. The two guys were looking at me expectantly. I’m not sure if I did or not. I was irate and embarrassed and started yelling that they were all commies before taking off.

I ended up at some kind of tent that was nearly packed with people. I was up on a low platform. Suddenly I looked down and there was a little baby gripping on to my leg. I just stared at it horrified before freaking out and screaming for someone to get it off of me. No one seemed to see it, but an elderly gentleman reached up to help anyway. As he was removing the phantom baby from my leg, I looked outside.

Then everything changed. I was standing outside looking out at what used to be a lush forest. It had been completely demolished and all that was left was barren wasteland. I stood there next to another like me, feeling like I was about to vomit and wanting to cry out ever ounce of water in me. He put his arm around my shoulder.
A train of soldiers passed by in front of us. They seemed to be in fairly good spirits. Most even waved as they passed, we waved back. Then everything changed again.

We were on a bus. I somehow felt that not long ago it had been full, but now there was only a handful of people. The woman up front was very important. Without warning a dump truck careened in front of us and barreled onto a side road. We pulled over to it and the important woman issued the driver a citation. As we headed back on our way, someone recommended stopping at the building ahead.

The building ended up being a semi-underground mall I had been to in dreams before. I recognized it by it’s complicated parking lot. There was a dance going on that the guy was supposed to take me to. I went to a store to pick up a dress when this snotty girl came and started taunting me, that he had changed his mind and was going to take her. One look at his face and I knew it was true. After I picked out my dress, she came in to taunt me again. In a fit of rage I broke her feet and snatched a huge chunk of hair from the top of her head. Now she was useless.

I went to a bathroom to get dressed. I was doing my hair when there was a knock at the door. He said I had made a terrible mistake. That the “young man” had snapped and gone on a killing spree. I’m not sure if I just caught a flash of it or actually joined him, but when I saw him there was some unusual music in the background.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I don't know if I'm an unusual case. But when I dedicate myself to something, be it another person, a cause or even some idea, I'm in 110%. There are even people removed from my life under unsavory circumstances who I still hope find peace in their lives. That's just how I am. I've met a lot of people in my life. So many. From all over the globe. Most have been merely acquaintances. A decent chunk I have been lucky enough to call friends. I would never intentionally betray a friend, they are too precious a commodity. Of these friends, there are a select few who, for some reason or other and through no coersion on their own behalf, have garnered my undying loyalty and dedication.

To be exact, there are 4 such people. For reasons I don't even fully understand, and as individual as they are, these 4 have become almost a part of me. I'm not normally empathic (to be honest, I normally don't bother caring) but when they are sad or happy or angry, I'm there with them. I would do anything in my power to help them and grow frustrated and indignant when there is little I can do. These people are in a unique position in that whatever they ask, I will do. Or, at least, give it my very best effort. The thing that is really mindblowing is the confirmation that my loyalties are not misplaced is that under normal circumstances these 4 let me run free, be who I am and love me for it in return. Only rarely do they pull rank and override my decisions. This, is precious indeed.

So, it goes without saying that when any of these people are heading towards danger or heartbreak my initial instinct is to spring into action to try and avoid the situation. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I come across new information (or a roadblock) and need to change tactics, but don't think I'm backing down. Not even close. Because my resolve is firm and my course is set. Know, you, that what I do I do out of love for those ranked top in my life. No matter how close we are or may have been, they will always take precedence and any slight against them is a slight against me; and I will take it very personally. Whether you think it's my business or not. My invested time and efforts have made it my business. So, I will do as I'm asked. But when the time comes I will do what needs to be done. Because that's how I am, and that's how it's going to be.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sims 3 Legacy Challenge #1

There is a thing on called the Legacy Challange. It's unofficial, just something fun to do to test yourself and, well, give us something to do while we wait impatiently for the upcoming expansion pack. I don't see myself submitting anything because the scoring is kind of complicated (rules can be found here:, but I will follow the rules and see how I do. Just for the fun of it.
I've decided to run a matriarchal legacy. My founding sim is named Elisabeth Topaz. As per the "rules" I randomized her traits and they came up as: Insane, Hates Art, Disciplined, Commitment Issues and Evil. Certainly not a sim I would have made for myself, but that's part of the fun. ^_^

I settled her into the appropriate lot, and as stated she did not have much to build a home with. I gave her 4 small walls and a bed. The meager beginnings to the Topaz Legacy.

Her Lifetime Want is to be a Jack of All Trades, meaning she wants to reach Level 5 in 4 different careers. Her first want was to join the Scientific career, so that was her first start. Helpful that one of the main skills needed for this job is gardening. She can harvest food for herself to eat and work on a skill needed for promotion. So she's pilfered food from the local park and used the facilities at the gym to get by.
While at the library reading up on gardening a male sim caught her eye. So she strikes up a conversation. Being insane she has some interesting choices for chatting it up with other sims. Miraculously he was not put off by such outbursts as "Catch anything good?" and "Conspiracy rant". In addition he was pulled in by "Mastermind Plot" leading to the discovery that he is also evil. And so the plan was put in motion. They were quickly wed and his added household funds were used to break ground on what will soon become Topaz Manor.

Even a matriarchal lineage needs some male assistance to grow, and so Dallas Shallow-Topaz is also important. His lifetime goal is to reach Level 10 in the criminal career track and his traits are: Flirty, Great Kisser, Evil, Perfectionist and Kleptomaniac. A good chunk of their "wedding" money was spent on the groundbreaking so it will be a bit yet before they are ready to start the family line. Should give Dallas enough time to increase his painting skill so he can start painting up some portraits. That, I think, will be one of the biggest pains is maintaining a sim through enough of the 10 generations to get the portraits done. I want to, I think it makes a fine addition.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Stringtown Link

Tried putting it in the status and that didn't work, so here it is if you're interested.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Donahoe Day

Yesterday we went out and BBQed with the in-laws. That was fun. I was actually pretty impressed with the kids. His mom is holding up better than I would have expected. Do pray for her, though, if you're so inclined. She could really use some mental and spiritual cleansing.

Finally! We made it out to our first ghost town expedition! It was a tough start, but it was easy to find. To read up on all we found out at Donahoe, check out my snazzy website:

You may have to cut & paste. I never know when myspace is gonna bork my links. One thing I didn't mention on that site is that when we got up to that house the crows were going bananas! lol They were cawing the whole time we were there. On the way to Donahoe we passed a historical marker (which we got pictures of on our way back) and the only other thing of note was "Jerry's Place" where you can get beer. Or so the flashing sign said. We did not check. lol Seen enough scary movies to know better.

Yes, for the most part Donahoe was depressing. I'm glad we went, though. It was a good first time out. Now we know what works and what we need to work on. Mozeltov! After that adventure we went in the clear opposite direction to Cove. My mom's looking at some houses there she's thinking of buying. Just one . . . . looking at houses to buy? Sure. Anyway, the one we thought we'd find easily we never did and the one we didn't think we'd find was SCARY! Ever been out on Kubitz Rd. in Cove? The road to get there is long and windey and potholed. There was a cool church with a big cross on the mountain . . . and that was the least frightening part of that expedition.

We got to Kubitz and took a right. That's what mapquest told me to do and it got us to Donahoe alright. Well . . . this was kinda my bad, in a way. I shoulda paid a little more attention looking at the map on and we probably wouldn't have been attacked by devil dogs!!! *phew* lol It wasn't that bad, I guess. We got to the end of the road and these two dogs came barking at the van. We had enough time to turn around and roll up the windows before they got to us, but they did circle us barking for a bit. So we checked the "left" turn and there it was. The house that looked so good in it's listing . . . I don't think I've ever seen a yard that was just as wide as the trailer sitting on it. In it? Whatever. The neighbors porch was practically encroaching into the yard and there was a huge dog on that porch . . . . no thank you. Also, the back yard didn't look near as big as it should have for being over 1/2 an acre.
So we went back home. After going to HEB. lol Anyway, shared the story of the house and here we are. I've been wrestling with dial-up since trying to get this and that page up. You're welcome! Also, Seventh Moon was freaky! It's even got old documentary footage of people with experiences with the 7th lunar month spirits. Check it out!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Longest Week

I know, it's been forever. I haven't much felt like blogging. I wanted to, just didn't feel like it. But I'm here now so I can catch you up on all the craziness manifesting around here.

About a week ago Aaron and I were going to say 'fuck it' and head out to Donahoe just to poke around and get a feel for the area. Well, figures that's the day my mom decides she's just got to get up to the church functions she's been missing. Of course by the time she gets back my sister'll have to go to work so *whoops* no van. Didn't matter much anyway because while she was at church my mother-in-law called with the absolutely shocking news that her husband (not Aaron's dad) had just died. Just up and died! So then we get to try and track down his sister at work and let her know what's going on.

Hours of calls and crying and confusion later it is decided that Aaron and Autumn are going to drive out to Mississippi and pick up their mom and take her up to North Carolina to take care of whatever business needs taking care of before coming back here. All of 'em, coming back here. Now, I would figure that as many people die every day that the process of wrapping up loose ends and such would be a pretty straightfoward, easy-to-follow system. Not so! Not at first anyway. I would also figure that as many people die every day that people in the business of dealing with death would be more compassionate than greedy. Also not so.

So the process started out slow with liars and unhelpfuls around every corner. Then, as is often the case, once the unsticking started the rolling ball gained momentum. A little online searching and on-phone roughness finally began to yield some results. Now, a little over a week later, they are having a small service. Tomorrow packing up what's coming with and hopefully starting the trip back on Monday.

So what have I been doing with all of my free time? Cleaning. Mostly. Dealing with my mother, taking care of the animals, trying not to butcher dinner. And staring at Donahoe, TX on mapquest. My biggest wish being for nothing out of the ordinary to happen. It's Saturday so there's nothing on TV. Guess I'll go play Metropolismania while I wait for my crops to grow. lol *sigh*

Friday, February 12, 2010

11 & 12

Yesterday was kind of an interesting day. Driving around trying to figure out what we were going to have for dinner and decided to make a quick trip to O'Mart. ^_^ Aaron wanted dumplings and I wanted Tako Chips. When we got there we found so much more. Firstly being a bag of Shin Chan chips! You remember me mentioning Shin Chan, right? Absolutely funny cartoon (featuring Action Bastard! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!) that Adult Swim dropped and has yet to bring back? Well, here's the collage I made from the pictures on the bag:

Oh yes I did. ^_^ I also saved one of the little faces and taped it to the front of the camera. There's also one on the DVD shelf by Aaron's head, but I don't think he's noticed it yet. Before getting in line there was a super sweet selection of Hello Kitty candies. After much debate Aaron picked out this one for me:

It's gum. There is strawberry, green grape and something that looks like a fizzy blue cup of something. Interestingly enough it tasted like blue fizz . . . hrm. We spent quite a bit of time in line. There was a lady we let in front of us and the old lady in front of her was having the damndest time counting out her money. The lady in front of us turned to Aaron and said something in what could have been any of several Asian languages spoken around here . . . without thinking twice! lol I told Aaron it's cuz he looks half Asian. It was pretty funny anyway.

Today we went and watched Wolfman. It was pretty good. Amazing, too, that being the middle of the day on Friday the theater was still packed! We've had pretty fair luck getting a mostly-empty theater for the early bird special, but not this time. Anyway, it was a pretty good movie . . . if you like werewolf movies go ahead and check it out. If not then you could probably wait for it to come out on Netflix or something. The funny thing was that in the parking lot as we were leaving Aaron found a silver bracelet outside the van. *eerie music*

After that we went to that used game store by Kwik Kar and then Walmart (to pick up dinner. . . . it's kind of what we do) and Aaron grabbed my early V-day prezzies:

Ta-da! Zombieland (which we nabbed for a cool $13) and, of course, the all-important Whitman's Sampler. MMMmmm good. Y'all be careful out in the snow. Seems like everyone's getting it . . . except us. Stay warm!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Texas Treasures

First a rant: Fucking Schneider. As soon as my dad got the "ok" to go back to work they cut his disability pay even though they didn't take him back to work for almost a week. So he gets paid significantly less than he has been these past three months. All this unbeknownst to me when I go ahead and wake up early to pay the online bills like a good girl and now it's up to me to pawn my mom's jewelry (or try to) so we can eat. *ggrrr* And it's still at least a week before my mom gets her money and the church group's "help the needy members" resources have been tapped. Top that all off with an Elvis who won't stop whining and we can't figure out why (we even went to the vet and got him the expensive flea stuff) which is both annoying and very troubling. *sigh* Now we're trying to figure out how to cancel the cable payment. Good freakin' luck.

Now, the (formerly?) exciting news. I've been steadily plodding my way through the archives of that blog I found and it got me re-jacked up about old abandoned building. At first my search was decidedly depressing as the only thing I could find (before revising my search) was a ghost town remnant from the old Rt. 66. Which can be seen in all it's exciting, decrepit glory here. I do want to go there, but being as it's right up on the New Mexico state line poses a bit of a time/gas problem. Ah! The lightning-strike of genius at work! Ghost towns! Surely that can't be the only one, right?

Heh. I didn't know how right until I found this site archiving a whopping 587 ghost towns in Texas!! *faints* Very nice of them to chop Texas up into eight easily browseable chunks. Scan down the list for locations in Bell and Coryell counties and I think there was something like 10 or so. A couple I was unable to find on mapquest (although I now have an idea for "historical marker" searching which should prove promising), one was swallowed by Ft. Hood *grumbles* and that left me with 4 easy to get to locations. Even luckier is that 2 are next to each other and the other two are next to each other.

First proposed trip: I was hesitant to post this on account of I don't want some Jew trying to Ninja her way out there before we get to *eyes the Sandypants* but I figured it would be better to put it out there and trust that she won't hurt my feelings than to not put it out there and have my feelings hurt on accident. Right? Right. Because the first proposed (looks like we won't have the gas for a while *sigh*) trip is actually very close. First is a roughly 45 minute drive out to Donahoe (pronounced Donna-"hyoo") for a haunted grave and cemetary. According to mapquest's satalite there's possibly houses still standing. As to whether or not they have been since squated in is not shown. Then another 45 minute trek up to Stringtown which boasts a still-standing church (I think I can see it on the map!) and possibly a school if we're lucky enough to find it. Also looks like there's houses and stuff scattered around there too. Then about 45 minutes (cuz it's a triangle, that's why) back home. Man I can't wait to get out there and snoop . . . er, snap . . . pictures. Hehehe. And for those of you reading this thinking that I think I'm 16 again; I'm not going anywhere without Aaron and/or Sandy (and/or JD) and I will make sure someone in town knows where we're going to be and that no, in fact, it's not an overnight trip. No taking off to strange, possibly not deserted places all by my lonesome with no one knowing where I am.

Also I discovered a very interesting bit of information. An interesting law in fact where on the first Sundays in April and October persons who own "private" cemetaries, unless said cemetary contains the remains of just one family (any cemetary with anyone outside of just one family is public-private) have to let people in! It's an effort so that these rural and "ghost town" cemetaries don't go lost and forgotten. Woohoo!!! *whoops* Didn't bookmark that site . . . gimme a sec . . . . nuts! I'm still under my dad's account . . . . *fingers crossed* . . . . *phew* Sometimes aol won't cleanly switch over if there's stuff loading. Ah. Here it is . . . in that page somewhere. Stupid freakin' dial-up.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I *Heart* Blog

So I was going through those pics of decrepit old houses and turns out a good few were from This Blog. It's written by Lee. A middle-aged Brittish man living in Japan and working as a teacher. How jealous am I?! Very. I've been going through his archives (even though the abandoned building part is mentioned as being a relatively new endeavor) and it's just so fascinating. I think that's what I like most about blogging, and blogs in general. Sure they've gotten bad publicity; but it's like a peek through someone else's eyes. And when that someone else lives in Japan and has the great sense of humor this guy does . . . well, it's just a fantastic way to spend a few hours. lol

I've also resumed my deliberate room cleaning operation. You would not believe how much trash and dishes I pulled out from under the bed! And that's only about 1/5 of what's under there . . . sad. I allowed myself 2 bags of trash (instead of the previously sanctioned "One a day only!" mandate) because I was doing one bag for under the bed. Something stinks down there (probably mold from the leaky a/c fiasco) and I'm determined to discover it's source. Also did a load of laundry and before we hit HEB I'm going to start up my third load of dishes. Busy busy me.

I priced that Rosetta Stone software on and about had a stroke. Does anybody know if it's worth the outrageous ticket price?!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Can't Drive 65!

In fact, at one point I looked down to discover I was doin' 80! But I'm getting ahead of myself. You, my wonderful readers, are here for the full story aren't you? Not some abridged version for the masses. Well, here it is; in all it's full-color 3.2 Megapixel glory. Enjoy.

My day actually started off with a very unusual dream. I don't remember all of the details, but Clint was there and Eva was there. We were at some kind of college where the library was like a huge museum of books! There was something hinky going on, but I don't remember what exactly. I woke up before my alarm went off so I had some time to check my email and plant some squash on my farmville farm. lol I'm so addicted to that game. Around 6:30am my dad calls asking if I'm ready. Of course I'm ready! I was born ready. . . . hehehe. *ahem* I know Aaron's going to fall asleep as soon as we leave so I bring Elvis in out of the cold, grab a sack lunch and off we go!
First stop was a slight backtrack to the just-off-post gas station to fill-er-up. My dad actually drove up there and suggested I take a nap in the back. No freakin' way! I'm always driving so I never get to see any of the interesting and unusual Texas landscape between here and "parts North". Not that there was much to see at first. Partly because I've seen it all a zillion times, partly because the sun was still asleep. Then as we made our way past Temple I spied quite a few sad, decrepit looking houses. If it had been lighter out I would have just raked in the pics! If it hadn't been 29 degrees I would have rolled down the window and snapped away hoping for the best. *sigh* Overall the trip was far quicker than I expected even though we didn't talk much. You know that stretch of road between Carl's Corner and Waxahachie that always has construction signs but they're never constructing anything? Well, they are now. I think they're making the whole stretch between Hillsboro and Dallas 3-4 lanes. Seems unneccesary on a Sunday morning when there isn't much traffic, but I know it does get busy sometimes so . . . *shrugs* I hope it's worth the money. Apparently there's a bridge in that area that, when they blew it up, people came from all over the state (and parts of Louissiana!) to watch it blow. lol That's hilarious . . . I wish I coulda been there.
The big Schnieder lot was actually a few miles down I-20. Easy to get to, though. Just not easy to get in to. They have a huge electrified fence (or so the sign says, I didn't actually test it) and a speaker where you have to tell some lady your driver ID number so she can open the gate. So we drove in and dad grabbed his shit and headed off back into the working world. This next part kind of pissed me off cuz it's just as hard to get out as it is to get in. You have to press the speaker button and tell the lady why you were in the lot for her to open the 'out' gate! OMFG!! And the speaker quality is so bad she had to repeat herself 3 times before I got what she wanted. *sheesh* The trip back was easy and uneventful; minus my lead foot. lol I even took a couple of pictures up around Waxahachie and Carl's Corner to share with y'all! Aren't you lucky?

Those first two are actually from the I-20/I-35E junction. That's I-35E under me! How exciting! ^_^ This next one I had to get and here's why: On our way to the lot we passed a billboard that had a cucumber with googly eyes and the message "Stop vegetable abuse!" and this stores website. It's an adult store and it's right off the highway:

Hehehe This next one is just an interesting building with spooky trees painted on it. The next one after that is a log cabin-lookin' building that does woodworking stuff.

Next is a couple pics of the Corning factory gunking up our air.

I also got a pic of a billboard that says "Waxahachie" and one for Scarborough Faire!

This next pic is of, what I call, the Monopoly Houses. It's an apartment complex painted red and green just like Monopoly pieces. XD

So then I put the camera away for a while 'til I got to Carl's Corner. I actually pulled off the highway so I could get a good picture of Willy Nelson's gas station! I also have a pic of a place that's attached to it and the sign for the street that it sits on. ^_^ And, get this, when I got out of the van to get these pictures . . . it was freakin' snowing!!! I 'bout froze my tatas off but it was totally worth it.

That's all for pictures. I would have liked to get some decrepit-houses pics but there either aren't that many on the south-bound side . . . or I missed 'em cuz I was driving. Also, just before getting into Lorena I developed a massive itch on my ankle. Not easy to remedy while wearing boots & driving. lol Got back here safe and sound, spent about an hour trying to figure out what's wrong with my mom's comp and then promptly fell asleep until Aaron laid a hot plate of hamburger helper on my chest. I think I dreamed . . . but I don't remember. Currently I'm trying to find a gallery of decrepit houses. It's not quite as satisfying as actually going out and getting close to 'em to get the pictures myself . . . but I suppose it's the next best thing.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why So Sad?

I hate these wee hours of the morning. When everything is quiet and my mind begins to wander. Unbeknownst to you your words reach me and I'm sad. Really, I shouldn't be, but I'm a sucker. I would tell you that I wish things were working out better for you . . . but I really don't need another hateful backlash right now. Sure I can take it; but I'd really rather not. You say people should get over their petty bullshit, but you never were one to take your own advice. Best to leave that bridge uncrossed. You will never know, but I am sending happy thoughts your way.

Pleh. I'm such a sucker. That's what I get for trying to stay awake, I guess. Good thing I made up a CD of super cool, quirky, upbeat 80s songs for the *hopefully* impending drive up to Dallas and back! My dad passed his physical. The only bad part to that is that now he needs sneakers cuz they're making him take a stress test at the next one. XD He's hoping to get a call from Schneider soon saying "C'mon up to Dallas and grab yer truck!" . . . he's been hoping for that since the angio follow-up. Also hoping that whoever unpacked his old truck didn't jack any of his shit. *fingers crossed*

Pleh. The worst part about blogging is staring at my own picture for however long it takes me to get tired of typing. Time for a new one, I think. I'll get on that. Right after I grab the mad bastard (Elvis) and take a quick nap. lol

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What a Day!

That would be yesterday (the 23rd) for those of you who missed the time/date stamper. lol I was having some weird dream . . . I think there were babies and this other girl and some guy who was only dangerous at certain times (like a werewolf, but he wasn't a werewolf; I'm sure of that much). Anyway, I'm laying there sleeping and all of a sudden I'm hearing this rumbling noise then a bang or something and then everything is quiet. Too quiet. It's the oppresive quiet that wakes me up . . . the stupid electricity got knocked out! First here's what I thought it was:

There's this white house out by the street, I may have mentioned it in passing. It used to have a garage and there used to be ducks and stuff. Then the people moved (the circumstances surrounding this vary from sad to creepy) and the garage came down and the ducks were gone. For the past couple of weeks they've been prepping this house to be moved (apparently to somewhere in Waco) so I got some pictures.

Here it is up on the I-beams with part of the roof knocked off. I'm assuming that's so it could get under the electrical wires without being a pain, but maybe it was for bridges and stuff? I totally missed getting a picture of it actually on the truck . . .

That's what's left as of yesterday afternoon. Like . . . an offset of the house. It's really kind of creepy just sitting there by itself.

Like I said, that's what I thought it was. Here's what really happened:

I wake up and get myself dressed. I plan to walk up to get some pictures of the house-moving assholes fumbling with a fallen electric pole. Instead I find my dad and Aaron out communing with the neighbors. Cuz, that's what we do in our little cul-de-sac. The juice goes out and we commune until it comes back on. Turns out the trees at the redneck's old place (side note: I'd rather have them back and the "new" neighbors gone!!) are all being cut down and one of 'em fell through a wire. So after some time, I don't know how long, of communing the juice comes back on and we go our seperate ways. lol Yeah, that big ol' long thing was mostly just an excuse to share those pics of the gone-house. ^_^ Don't forget to check out my comic update!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hey All

I know I haven't blogged in a while. I've just been a little preoccupied, I guess. Trying to clean up around here and making sure my dad's okay. He is. Doing better, actually. Had enough of an appetite for a cheeseburger (cooked on the Foreman grill) and potato sticks. What are potato sticks? We found 'em at Dollar Tree and they're like . . . long flat tater tots. Kind of like mini-hashbrowns. Odd, but good. He's been getting excersize walking up to the mailbox and back. He's got an appointment on the 22nd so hopefully that'll go well. He's itching to go back to work. I'm going to miss having him around, though. Maybe not so much since little bitch is finally moving out. Finally! According to my mom she's half moved out now and should be all moved out by February. *unamused face* Not-so-amazingly the plumbing is finally getting back to normal. That's a relief.

The other day Aaron, Nate and I went out to the lake. That's where I got that picture of me. I know . . . I know . . . it looks like I got a case of the pink eye. I don't. lol That's just my hair. I miss my blue hair, but perhaps it's better this way. As soon as I find the rest of the latex gloves we've got lying around here I'm going to use the last of my blue and try for some streaks. Maybe come spring I'll go back to my natural brown and do some green streaks. If I can get the blue ones to come out. *pleh* Stupid hair never wants to do what I want it to do. Never has. lol

Yes, I have started posting up the second part of "The Comic Adventures of Super Lizzy"! I'm pretty excited about it; got some fun things in store. If stupid photobucket would decide to cooperate I've got 4 more pictures ready to go. This one should be more fluid than the first.

If anybody is interested in doing surveys for money, I finally found the perfect site! Finally! It's like a hub. They get surveys from 10 (that I've counted so far) other sites all in one area, it's way better at matching you up with surveys you can actually complete, and even if you don't complete a survey there are three options for possible rewards. I got a check last week for $22.50 and that was after only a month of doing surveys. This month I'm already up to $4.50! If you're interested drop me a line with your email address so I can send you an invite.

Yay, movie's over. Now I can go to bed. lol

Friday, January 8, 2010

Angio In Austin

Yesterday was another long long day. We headed out a little after 8am. It was about 26 degrees outside. We went by HEB to pick up munchies since that was one of the big problems in TN was missing meal times. Then we headed off to Austin. The traffic was actually really light, and the construction at the intersection of I35 and 195 looks to be finished up. It takes longer to get on and off the highway at that point than it used to, but it's less confusing than it was when they were constructing. Once we got to Austin we actually didn't get lost or turned around. Missed one turn but made up for that quickly and easily. Yay!

We got to the hospital a whole hour early. It was really nice and not all confusing with tons of doors and corridors. Got checked in and ready to go quickly and easily. He got a private room with a tv, so that was nice. I spent a good chunk of time using his blackberry to update his facebook even though he's only got 4 facebook friends not including myself. lol It gave me something to do. I got through 200 more pages of "Under the Dome" but the way I was sitting it was hurting my neck.

The nurses were all really nice. Came in, took his vitals and then within an hour or so he was taken to the "Cath Lab" and about 45 minutes he was brought back. Then the waiting and the checking and the more waiting. Finally around 8pm the nurse came in with the rundown of how the procedure went and diet and excersize stuff. It went well. lol We won't know for sure how well until his followup on the 22nd, but so far everything's looking good.

Outside the hospital there was a pond. As cold as it was there was still a crane and a handful of ducks. On the opposite side was a HUGE oak tree that was so huge it won a "Big Tree" award from the city of Austin. You can see all this stuff (including the parking garage) in the pics I'm about to upload. Speaking of the parking garage, we did get lucky on that front. By the time we got out of the hospital there was nobody manning the pay-station and the bars were up so we got free parking!