Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Still Coding

Did I mention here yet that I'm working on my website? I think I did but I'm starting to get confused between what I post on myspace and what I post on facebook! My poor brain can't keep up. lol Well, I am. Here's the link:


You'll probably have to copy and paste since it blocked Brak from going when I sent it to her on myspace. The only thing there is the work I'm doing on archiving my blog. It's long and tedious and I'm only up to April 9, 2008. Still almost 2 full years to go. Okay, more like 1.75 years.

Downloaded the create-a-world tool for Sims 3. We can finally make our own neighborhoods! I'm basing my loosely off of Chester's Mill in the new SK novel. I say loosely cuz there are certain things that have to be in a Sim neighborhood for it to work properly that just aren't found in Chester's Mill. I've figured out roads and lots. Thankfully the help file was actually helpful or I'd still be stuck on roads.

My dad's doing alright. Yesterday was his birthday and he was in great spirits! I'm so happy to see that. Soon's I know anything about whether or not he's going back to work in January I'll let y'all know.

Yes, I'm totally playing Need for Speed and I'm kicking it's ass with my souped up Peugot! Muahahahahaha!!!!

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