Friday, December 25, 2009

And That Is All

Finally Christmas is over. I've never before been so glad for that. Today could've been pleasently uneventful if it hadn't been for our stupid crackhead neighbors. Both their dogs got into our yard. Pitbulls. Mean. Well, one of them is mean. The other one is playful but they keep that one tethered. And therein lies the current problem of it being stuck to the fence. Assholes. Anyway, dinner came out great. I'm glad for that. Surprised my mom and dad with movies for 'em.

Spent last night with the in-laws. That was fantastic. It's always such a joy going over there, as I'm sure I've mentioned. We're going to have to try and get out there more than 4 times a year. Especially with the added stress of a new addition. Hehe. We totally nailed everyone's presents. That made all of the rest of the bullshit worth it. Aaron got Harry Potter like he's been wanting forever and I got a lovely Tree of Life necklace. Happies!

I spent some time catching up on my blog indexing. I'm up to March of this year! *throws confetti* I think next I'm going to do a small section on neopets. Mostly just to have an excuse to back-up my dailies checklist. Avatarlog is on shaky ground so if you have a dailies list saved there you might wanna back it up somewhere too. (My niece recognized my neopets keychains so I'm going to have to remember to find out if she's signed up with it)

I'm off now. Aaron wants to get on and I feel like I've been sitting here all day . . . even though I distinctly remember spending a lot of time in the kitchen . . . how odd.

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