Thursday, December 3, 2009


So I got a little bored playing my farmer family. I wanted to get into some tombs! So I made an adventurer chick. She's different from most of my sims. I opted to tailor her traits to adventuring so she's brave and adventurous and handy and a genius and loves the outdoors. Oh, here she is:

She spends most of her time wandering around foreign locations. When she's forced back to Sunset Valley for some R&R she dresses a little more casually:

While she "technically" has a home in Sunset Valley, it's really just an empty lot. She's never there! In fact, the time she spends on home soil is centered almost entirely around the gym, library and park; building up her skills for more journies ahead. Here is is camping out in the park so she can get an early start on improving her logic:

She likes to rotate locations so she doesn't get bored in one area and also to more evenly upgrade her visa levels. That is her lifetime goal. To gain a Level 3 travel visa for each area. Currently she's on an 8-day trip to Egypt. She's so hardcore she'll carry on with her expedition even when a mummy lurks right around the corner!

That was actually a really funny scenario. There were 4 treasure chests surrounding the sarcophagus. As she was pilfering the treasury goodies the mummy popped out all on it's own. She ran around the corner, ready to make a break for it, then realized: wait, it's not following me anymore! So she went back and snapped a picture of the mummy for her new photography skill collection and the mummy turned around! So again she runs (she's only level 4 athletic and 3 martial arts so the odds of winning this fight were not good) and again the mummy loses interest. So she goes ahead and continues looking around the tomb.

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