Friday, December 25, 2009

And That Is All

Finally Christmas is over. I've never before been so glad for that. Today could've been pleasently uneventful if it hadn't been for our stupid crackhead neighbors. Both their dogs got into our yard. Pitbulls. Mean. Well, one of them is mean. The other one is playful but they keep that one tethered. And therein lies the current problem of it being stuck to the fence. Assholes. Anyway, dinner came out great. I'm glad for that. Surprised my mom and dad with movies for 'em.

Spent last night with the in-laws. That was fantastic. It's always such a joy going over there, as I'm sure I've mentioned. We're going to have to try and get out there more than 4 times a year. Especially with the added stress of a new addition. Hehe. We totally nailed everyone's presents. That made all of the rest of the bullshit worth it. Aaron got Harry Potter like he's been wanting forever and I got a lovely Tree of Life necklace. Happies!

I spent some time catching up on my blog indexing. I'm up to March of this year! *throws confetti* I think next I'm going to do a small section on neopets. Mostly just to have an excuse to back-up my dailies checklist. Avatarlog is on shaky ground so if you have a dailies list saved there you might wanna back it up somewhere too. (My niece recognized my neopets keychains so I'm going to have to remember to find out if she's signed up with it)

I'm off now. Aaron wants to get on and I feel like I've been sitting here all day . . . even though I distinctly remember spending a lot of time in the kitchen . . . how odd.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Still Coding

Did I mention here yet that I'm working on my website? I think I did but I'm starting to get confused between what I post on myspace and what I post on facebook! My poor brain can't keep up. lol Well, I am. Here's the link:

You'll probably have to copy and paste since it blocked Brak from going when I sent it to her on myspace. The only thing there is the work I'm doing on archiving my blog. It's long and tedious and I'm only up to April 9, 2008. Still almost 2 full years to go. Okay, more like 1.75 years.

Downloaded the create-a-world tool for Sims 3. We can finally make our own neighborhoods! I'm basing my loosely off of Chester's Mill in the new SK novel. I say loosely cuz there are certain things that have to be in a Sim neighborhood for it to work properly that just aren't found in Chester's Mill. I've figured out roads and lots. Thankfully the help file was actually helpful or I'd still be stuck on roads.

My dad's doing alright. Yesterday was his birthday and he was in great spirits! I'm so happy to see that. Soon's I know anything about whether or not he's going back to work in January I'll let y'all know.

Yes, I'm totally playing Need for Speed and I'm kicking it's ass with my souped up Peugot! Muahahahahaha!!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

For Some Odd Reason

I don't know why, after all this time, but for now, at least, I'm working on re-creating my own personal webpage . . . site. It's more than one page. Or, rather, it will be. I forgot how much of a pain html is, but it is far easier than CSS. I've got a couple things in mind to put on there. Including and indexed archive of my blog. Mostly for my own personal reference. Oh the joy and fun. Well, I'm off to go Sim now. Hehehehe.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


So I got a little bored playing my farmer family. I wanted to get into some tombs! So I made an adventurer chick. She's different from most of my sims. I opted to tailor her traits to adventuring so she's brave and adventurous and handy and a genius and loves the outdoors. Oh, here she is:

She spends most of her time wandering around foreign locations. When she's forced back to Sunset Valley for some R&R she dresses a little more casually:

While she "technically" has a home in Sunset Valley, it's really just an empty lot. She's never there! In fact, the time she spends on home soil is centered almost entirely around the gym, library and park; building up her skills for more journies ahead. Here is is camping out in the park so she can get an early start on improving her logic:

She likes to rotate locations so she doesn't get bored in one area and also to more evenly upgrade her visa levels. That is her lifetime goal. To gain a Level 3 travel visa for each area. Currently she's on an 8-day trip to Egypt. She's so hardcore she'll carry on with her expedition even when a mummy lurks right around the corner!

That was actually a really funny scenario. There were 4 treasure chests surrounding the sarcophagus. As she was pilfering the treasury goodies the mummy popped out all on it's own. She ran around the corner, ready to make a break for it, then realized: wait, it's not following me anymore! So she went back and snapped a picture of the mummy for her new photography skill collection and the mummy turned around! So again she runs (she's only level 4 athletic and 3 martial arts so the odds of winning this fight were not good) and again the mummy loses interest. So she goes ahead and continues looking around the tomb.