Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween '09

Starting on the 30th. Late the 30th. Aaron's talking to his sister and we finally find out what Gavin wants to be for Halloween. Auron! From Final Fantasy X. Hrm. Seems a difficult proposition, but Aaron's sure he can pull something off. Okey-dokey. ^_^ So then on the 31st we make a trip out. Pick up a few essentials and some accessories. Head back to the house with enough time to eat and get dressed. Nate came buy and we threw together a costume for him. Then out we go! We stopped by Sandy's for meet-and-greet and a photo-op. Then out to dress up the kiddies! After throwing some good foods into our bellies we got to work. Maddy made an absolutely adorable vampire and Aaron worked wonders turning Gavin into Auron. He was so cute!

Trick-or-treating in Morgan's Point was great. It was chilly but not windy. I only lost my shoe once. There were a lot of dark houses, but a few of the candy houses were fun. At one house there was a guy in the shadows with a chain-free-chainsaw. One of the last houses was really done up with strobes and fog and figures and stuff. He says they're going even bigger next year. We walked away with a bucket of candy (I think I've eaten almost all of the tootsie rolls).

Just a little over 100 miles to go 'til I'm at Corpus Christie! I'm at 10 miles a day now. It's tough and takes a good half-hour, but hey! I didn't get all out of breath walking around the neighborhoods so it's gotta be doing something. ^_^

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