Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Going On An Adventure

We picked up the first Sims3 ep: World Adventures. I was hoping to have my free $10 walmart card first (I love free money) but when it comes in we'll just use that for food. There was a little bit of drama. First with getting it since walmart was understaffed and didn't get it out until about 1 when Aaron asked about it and made the guy go into the back and get it. ^_^ Then when we installed it because there was so much stuff that wasn't working!! Oh noes!! Turns out it was just a little incompatibility issue with the custom content. Took that out and now it works! Now I jsut have to figure out how to fix the cc so we can put it back in.

One of the issues that people were having was that after coming back from vacation their entire town was gone. So rather than put either of our neighborhoods at risk I started up a new game, made a generic John Doe sim and sent him to France. See, Aaron wanted first crack at Egypt and China. I fell in love with France. lol You can fish out frogs and they even have their own tombs to go through. The one I was sent to was under "ancient druid ruins" aka: stonehenge. I don't know if there were ever druids in France, but what the hell? The underground stuff is awesome. Hidden doors and traps and new foods and musics and all kinds of stuff. And Aaron said that making basements (multiple basements up to four floors down!) are so much easier now. I can't wait to take my farmer family to France to pick up some new grape seeds and a book on how to make frog legs. AH!!! Hehehehe. But first, still so much to do online.

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