Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wine Cellar

It's been a while since I've done a sims update, so here we go. There are a few new features that I've discovered, so I'll cover those first. Delivery pizza leftovers can be put in the fridge. ^_^ No more wasting pizza. You can use the services option on the phone to discontinue your newspaper delivery. No more forgetting and having rotten papers piling up in front of the house. Oh! Now if you're looking at your Sim's friend list you can click on a friend and either call or invite them over. Perfect if your sim has a lot of friends and you're looking for one to call that has a specific friendship level. Still no zooming to the friend in question, but hopefully. Aaron finally figured out how to buy a vacation home. lol It's an option on the phone. D'oh! Hehehe. Photography skill is awesome. Starting picture takers will get blurry pictures, or even one where there's a finger blocking most of the image. There's a ton of stuff to take pictures of, though, and if you find a catagory-subject it will let you know when you're looking through the viewfinder. I'm kind of wondering what's up, though, since I got the most expensive camera in Egypt and it doesn't have a zoom feature. Is there a special camera or something the sim learns as they progress in skill? I dunno.

This is my 2nd generation farmer sitting in his wine cellar sipping on some nectar. ^_^ Basements are so easy now. You just outline it like a foundation and it drops right down for you. You just have to remember the stairs. lol Down here he has several nectar racks full of both vintage and home-made blends, a nectar maker, a table at which he enjoys drinking nectar and a sink to clean up after. It's not his private sanctuary, anyone is welcome to come down and join him, but everyone else in the household is busy with other stuff. His father is trying to upgrade the new toilets to self-cleaning before he dies, his brother has school and chess tournaments, his wife is working hard to climb the law-enforcement ladder and their adopted daughter has school and photography. Busy busy busy sims.
I think there was more, but mommy dearest wants the internet. *pleh* Oh well. Back to Egypt. ^_^

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Absolutely Stuffed

Today was Thanksgiving for the Hoefner half of the Hoefner-Markham (or Markham-Hoefner) household. Tomorrow we feast with the Markham half. For the first year in a very long time both birds (turkey and duck) were fully thawed and everything finished on time. I had a small issue with the cornbread, but I'm getting better at it. No one knows how the pumpkin pie turned out yet. Still so full.

It's been nice having my dad home all this time. All things concidered. We've been feeding him well. Still actually waiting for Skankzilla to finally depart. *shakes head* I don't get it. Why would a person even want to stay somewhere they're clearly not wanted?

I'm going to try and get some simming in before Aaron kicks me off of the computer. I think he's more addicted to World Adventures than I am. lol I've been sticking mostly to France. Save something for later since the tombs and stuff don't reset. Which sucks. There has to be a way. Anyway, I'm working on creating the perfect garden. One of every plant (I'm only 2 away!) and then I'm going to work on getting them all up to perfect quality. I'm . . . about 1/2 way there on that one. Then I can leave that household and start up a family to travel somewhere else. But wait? What happens when a new ep comes out and there are more plants to be had? I'll just have to make another farmer. With any luck the Farmerson (so original) family will still be living there. If not I'll just make a new family.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Do You See? (A Poem)

If you saw me, would you see?
Could you know?
Would it show, that I've been thinking of you?

Thinking, dreaming;
nearly seeing;
things that were and are and might be somewhere.

Would you remember me at all?
I'd see all
Recognition: loving or loathing under your mask.

What of an apology?
I'm sorry.
Would you see that as well? It's not behind me.

If you saw me, would I see?
Would you please?
Let me see that you see me again beyond it all.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Going On An Adventure

We picked up the first Sims3 ep: World Adventures. I was hoping to have my free $10 walmart card first (I love free money) but when it comes in we'll just use that for food. There was a little bit of drama. First with getting it since walmart was understaffed and didn't get it out until about 1 when Aaron asked about it and made the guy go into the back and get it. ^_^ Then when we installed it because there was so much stuff that wasn't working!! Oh noes!! Turns out it was just a little incompatibility issue with the custom content. Took that out and now it works! Now I jsut have to figure out how to fix the cc so we can put it back in.

One of the issues that people were having was that after coming back from vacation their entire town was gone. So rather than put either of our neighborhoods at risk I started up a new game, made a generic John Doe sim and sent him to France. See, Aaron wanted first crack at Egypt and China. I fell in love with France. lol You can fish out frogs and they even have their own tombs to go through. The one I was sent to was under "ancient druid ruins" aka: stonehenge. I don't know if there were ever druids in France, but what the hell? The underground stuff is awesome. Hidden doors and traps and new foods and musics and all kinds of stuff. And Aaron said that making basements (multiple basements up to four floors down!) are so much easier now. I can't wait to take my farmer family to France to pick up some new grape seeds and a book on how to make frog legs. AH!!! Hehehehe. But first, still so much to do online.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

*Please Work*

I dunno if photobucket is going to let me keep this picture up, but hopefully it will. My dad came in. He's doing fine. Loved the chili. ^_^ Tomorrow we're having baked chicken, spinach and rice. Anyway, here's my dad's bruise:

That's a pretty big bruise. He said it doesn't hurt, though. That's good. I'm going to do some research on heart smart meals. Possibly a new set of blog threads for me. Fun for everyone! ^_^

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me....

The other day my dad said I could take out some money for my birthday. I did. I was going to wait for my birthday before deciding what to do. Aaron explained that he gave it to me so I could have a happy birthday and to not use it for that purpose would be like an insult. I agree. We did help ourselves out a little, though. Well, a little. The night before we heard the 'no work' order we were at Walmart and there in the front of the Halloween costumes was one we had been looking for since before Halloween. We'd given up all hope of finding it. Hehe. It's technically for him but it's really more for me.

Oh yeah. We'll be putting that to some good use. Today . . . well, yesterday we picked the real present to myself.

It's called FC3Plus. It plays NES, SNES and Genesis games. Nostalgia is yummy. We traded in a couple of ps2 games we'll never play again and that covered the games. You can see original Super Mario there in the system. We also got:

Original Sonic, Haunting: Starring Polterguy, Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Dream Master. Those last two are more for Aaron, but they look interesting and it's fun to share. I'm going to save my nickels so I can get Super Mario World. Looks like the Sims ep (among other things) is going to have to wait, but that's okay. Not like it's going anywhere.
For those of you who are interested but didn't catch the status thingy, my dad's coming in by bus. He'll be here in about 10 hours. Yay! And we already have our first heart healthy meal worked out. Turkey Chili. Yum. This is going to get really interesting really quickly.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Can't Turn My Back For One Minute....

It's not unusual to call my dad and get his voicemail. He's a busy guy. Picking stuff up, dropping stuff off, gassing up, sleeping. Any number of reasons to not get through but he's always very good about getting back to us ASAP. I mean, what else does he have to do in his downtime? What is unusual is almost 4 straight days of going straight to voicemail. Of course, even this can be explained if he forgets or breaks his charger. I mean, two weeks is kind of a long time. So we put off calling the central office as long as we could. Were gonna wait 'til Monday since he's supposed to be home this weekend and, well, it's not unusual for Schneider to screw up and delay his return. But as I lay myself down this morning I just had a feeling. Not "OMG something really bad has happened" feeling but a "It might be a good idea to check" feeling, so I told my mom to go ahead and call. I'm glad I did.

Tuesday or Wednesday (sometime in the middle of the night) he started having chest pains. Again, not something completely abnormal. Except this time they wouldn't go away. So he called 911 and they rushed him to the nearest hospital where he required 2 angioplasties. As of this moment he's still in the hospital. He's still got his sense of humor so he's definitely going to be okay. Complaining about the eggs and sharing funny stories. Like the nurse that came in yesterday and said "I'm here to give you your lecture about smoking . . . . cut it out." lol He should be discharged today. He doesn't know if they're going to let him drive or not so I may or may not be making a trip up to Tennessee tonight. Fun. lol I made sure to let him know that if that's the case I will come and get him, no problems on my end. It's only a 10 hour drive. I could do that easy. If I get my ass back to bed. My mom called and I was able to get his mom's phone number off the 'net ("Lotta cool stuff out there on that internet") so she's going to call her so she can talk to her baby. lol Should be all good on my end 'til he calls. So, I'm off!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Treat

Just because Halloween is over doesn't mean we can't still have treats, right? ^_^ Aaron and I got a good treat. We were gifted a gift card for our anniversary and it worked out well for us. Hehehehe. Went to Walmart and picked up a handful of movies. Thanks to the wonders of static cling (and an unobservant cashier) we got one of them for free! Muahahahaha! First we got the first season of Futurama from the Killeen 'Mart, then we went to check the one in Heights. We picked up the Ringu Anthology set, Toolbox Murders and Day of the Dead. Hehehe. Toolbox Murders was staticly stuck to Ringu. Free movie! Treat for us.
Treat for you! We went to Walmart again tonight and they had all their Halloween stuff on superish clearance. Adult costumes marked down to $4.25. Way better than the original $17 price tag. Here's mine:

I'm a brick house!! Hehehehe. I do have the hat but that's . . . well . . . super gay. Just awful. Here's the one Aaron nabbed:

Plastic surgery guy! I'm so glad. He wanted that one when they first put out the costumes but we weren't going to pay almost $20 for it. Tell ya what, though, this brick house gettup is really comfortable. The top, of course, is a little smallish but Aaron doesn't mind. lol

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween '09

Starting on the 30th. Late the 30th. Aaron's talking to his sister and we finally find out what Gavin wants to be for Halloween. Auron! From Final Fantasy X. Hrm. Seems a difficult proposition, but Aaron's sure he can pull something off. Okey-dokey. ^_^ So then on the 31st we make a trip out. Pick up a few essentials and some accessories. Head back to the house with enough time to eat and get dressed. Nate came buy and we threw together a costume for him. Then out we go! We stopped by Sandy's for meet-and-greet and a photo-op. Then out to dress up the kiddies! After throwing some good foods into our bellies we got to work. Maddy made an absolutely adorable vampire and Aaron worked wonders turning Gavin into Auron. He was so cute!

Trick-or-treating in Morgan's Point was great. It was chilly but not windy. I only lost my shoe once. There were a lot of dark houses, but a few of the candy houses were fun. At one house there was a guy in the shadows with a chain-free-chainsaw. One of the last houses was really done up with strobes and fog and figures and stuff. He says they're going even bigger next year. We walked away with a bucket of candy (I think I've eaten almost all of the tootsie rolls).

Just a little over 100 miles to go 'til I'm at Corpus Christie! I'm at 10 miles a day now. It's tough and takes a good half-hour, but hey! I didn't get all out of breath walking around the neighborhoods so it's gotta be doing something. ^_^