Friday, October 9, 2009

Work Between The Rain

Firstly, we went and saw Zombieland!! It's so funny. We're definitely picking it up when it comes out on DVD. Secondly . . . a tree fell on my house. Yes, seriously. I was sitting here on the computer, minding my own business. There's wind and rain and suddenly a huge *whoosh~thump* and the whole house shakes. I think to myself "man, that was a huge gust of wind" but I go out to investigate anyway and there it is. Tree fell down.

Hrm. My sister and I start looking around for the saw and it's nowhere to be seen. While I'm sitting here wondering what we're going to I hear my mom out in the living room. I get some money out of her and head out to walmart, in the pouring rain, to pick up a cheap hand saw. The look on the cashier's face was priceless. lol When I got back the rain had let up so we (yes, my sister has actually been very helpful) start working on some of the bigger smallish branches . . . . like this:

There was a bigger one we got off, but I don't think it's in any of the pictures. Anyway, we got those big branches off and then it started raining again so we came in to dry off. Then at the next dry window we went out and started hacking at the trunk. OMFG Pain in the ass!! I set up the ladder so that if/when the top part fell it would hit the ladder (which was sunken into the mud) instead of the house. Well. After about two hours of sawing and wondering "what is holding you together!?!" it finally came apart and . . . nothing. The top half is still hanging onto the roof because it's raining again. We did manage to move it a bit. Here's the stump!

We managed to move teh rest of the tree enough so there's some fresh branches hanging from the roof area. Once it stops raining again we're going to try and get those off and hopefully unwedge the tree from the roof without having it go through the cable line.

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