Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Okay. Some of you may remember my temporary addiction to that reality show "The Two Coreys". The biggest source of contention on that show was the friction between Haim and Feldman's wife. Feldman, of course, always siding with his wife (even though she's a stuck up skeez); and rather than seperating his married life and friendship he continued to try and get the two to hang out together which caused even more friction cuz "S/he's always around!" Duh. Aaron and I got a chuckle over the fact that, yeah, Feldman had a bit part in Lost Boys 2 (with the ever hilarious fake-gruff voice) and Haim ended up getting a better part in another movie . . . . I forget what it was, but Aaron saw it and he's asleep. Yeah, we're Haim people. And now Mrs. Feldman is filing for divorce. Ha-freakin-ha! That's why you don't treat friends who've been by your side for eons like shit just cuz your wife doesn't like 'em. If there's friction then keep 'em seperate! Whether you want to admit it spouses can come and go. If they go, who are you going to turn to if you've burned all your bridges and all of your "new" friends are really your spouses friends?

Yeah, maybe I'm a little unusual in that I believe it's important for guys to have "bro" time. Just as much as it's important for girls to have girl time. Just because you're married doesn't mean every second of every day has to be "couple time". That's a quick easy way to get sick of being with each other! I encourage Aaron to spend time with his friends just as much as he encourages me to spend time with my friends. Even though this collective group is also our friends. lol There's not a huge selection of cool people around here.

Woah. Has anybody else seen that PSA with Elmo about sneezing into your elbow?! *sheesh* How 'bout a PSA about carrying around a kleenex or handkerchief cuz if you're wearing short sleeves when you feel a sneeze coming on WTF are you gonna wipe your damn elbow on?!

Okay, now I'm just reaching for stuff to blog. lol I'll let ya go now. No you hang up! hehehehehe

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