Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sim Silliness

A picture may be worth 1000 words . . . but this one still needs an explanation so you can fully appreciate why it's titled "Akward".

This is gonna be good. ^_^ Remember my blue "Romeo" sim I was using to impregnant various women around town? Well, one of his illegitimate sons married the Sim on the left. She was my first ever red sim. They were living happily together, had a son even! A blue one. I was going to wait until the son was at least child age before trying again for a red Sim offspring. Well, one day Tommy gets an opportunity to fix a tv for a guy to make a few simoleons on the side. Being the good wife that she was, Summer tried to fix the tv herself. Apparently a handiness of 2 is far too low to be fixing a tv and she was electrocuted to death while Tommy was at work. Poor me! All that hard work I put into making a red cutie down the drain. I could have just loaded up the game and tried again, but what's the fun in that? I put Summer's urn into Tommy's inventory and went straight-away into making another red female for him to marry. Can't have a child raised by a babysitter can we? No way! Myna is the Sim on the right. So what happened? The day after I marry off Tommy and Myna, Tommy gets a call from the science lab about an experimental procedure to bring Sims back from the dead. Of course he took that opportunity! Summer was his first love and the mother of his child! So Tommy heads off to work after resurecting Summer and Myna is there to greet her. That is what you see here. They are getting along fine. I wonder if that will continue when I have Tommy impregnate both of them at the same time? Hehehe. If I'm super lucky I'll get a red baby and a ghost baby out of the deal. That would be wicked! And since that's a grand total of 6 Sims, I can still have them all living in the same house. Summer caring for the children at night (would you believe they get lonely while they sleep?!); Myna looking after them during the day; and Tommy busting ass at the Bistro to pay for it all. Huh. Under 400 words. Hrm . . . . .well, while I'm sitting here waiting for photobucket to actually load, we got more of the tree chopped off. Once it's safely on the ground I'll start up an album for those of you interested in seeing more pics of that. lol Also, my piercing is doing just fine. ^_^ Also . . . our stupid computer chair broke. . . . again! *gggrrrr*

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