Friday, October 30, 2009

Sim Creepiness

You know those creepy garden gnomes they have on Sims? I don't remember if they do on 2, but on 3 they move. My evil Sim has been kind of hoarding them. She's in the criminal career track and every few days she'll bring one home (and a painting, but those usually get sold), name it and set it out on the lawn. Well . . . I'm assuming gnomes are too short to climb stairs and that's why this hasn't come up yet. Her most recent gnome was lovingly placed on the back porch of her house and the little bastard broke in! Not only did it brake in, it decided to listen to the radio!!

I wouldn't have even noticed anything truly amiss except she had just upgraded the stereo so the sound was wired through the whole house and woke up her husband with the noise. Not only does this gnome enjoy reclining and listening to the radio . . . it also likes to sit back and watch TV!!

I've contemplating putting a couple more on the porch, but the rest seem content enough to dance around the vegetable garden making odd poses at the plants. Okay, I'm off to go kill her husband now. Old bastard just didn't know well enough to die on his own so I'm taking drastic measures. Hehehehe. I love sims.

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