Friday, October 2, 2009


I know right? I'm just racking up milestones left and right. ^_^ Yay me! lol

I've been kind of helping myself out. When I start I read a page of a random romance novel I grabbed from the top box (I don't even know what the title is. By the end of the page my legs start getting a little tired so then I just put down the book and add my arms. lol Hopefully next week we'll pick up some batterys so I can take the CD player out with me. That'd be nice. Tomorrow's going to be another early day. Gotta take the van in for a new tire. *pleh* Enjoy the pics. And keep yer eyes open for some pics Aaron should be uploading soon. I know some of 'em are just gonna be fantastic by the time he's done with 'em.

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