Tuesday, October 27, 2009


How is it I'm once again sitting here at 3am with nothing to do and, after almost two weeks, nothing to blog? Is there really nothing going on in Lizzyland? Not . . . . much I guess. Still pedaling. Just passed through New Braunfels. I'm going to Sandy's tonight so she can re-bleach my hair. Uhm. Oh! I do have a few ideas for the second installment of "The Comic Adventures of Super Lizzy". I just need a title and a good starter. I haven't decided if I'm going to make it a continuance of the first one or just start off with a whole new story. Any preferences guys? You know I aim to please. ^_^

As I mentioned in the status thingy (does anybody read those minus me?) we've got everything together for our costumes. We kinda decided against decorating this year. Just as well concidering how much it's been raining. Next year we'll go bananas.

Okay. So Aaron's asleep and Elvis is outside for the moment. I think I'll try for a chair nap before bringing his crazy ass back inside. I can't quite sleep comfortably in this thing. I think that's what broke the other one. But I can nap. Yay! lol

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