Tuesday, October 13, 2009

14 Hours Gone

Oh man yesterday was such a long day. But it was all totally worth it. We drove all the way up to Arlington. We made it to the street just fine then had issue trying to find Shed's soon-to-be old apartment. Mapquest lied!! They said his street connected directly to the main street and it didn't. Barker helped us on the phone get into the area then we ran into Shed and he directed us directly. We hung out for a bit waiting for Barker to show up. She brought her friend Nelly! After a bit of hanging out Aaron and Shed went to the ALICE COOPER CONCERT IN DALLAS! and Barker, Nelly and I went on a tour of Arlington. I had to restrain myself from breaking into Six Flags. OMG they have an awesome mall! They have a store called Torrid. I could spend so much money there. There's also a carosel and an ice rink! Our mall sucks. lol We went to Wendy's then headed back to wait for the guys. We watched Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. ^_^ I think I'll be picking that up for our collection. By the time we were heading home it got so foggy I could hardly see. I'm using that as my excuse for how we ended up driving all the way out to I-35E to get back. Yeah. The fog. We both had a blast and made it back safely and Elvis was fine when we got back. *phew* Now I'm tired. Still. But, there's still work to be done. *pleh* Isn't there always?

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