Friday, October 30, 2009

Sim Creepiness

You know those creepy garden gnomes they have on Sims? I don't remember if they do on 2, but on 3 they move. My evil Sim has been kind of hoarding them. She's in the criminal career track and every few days she'll bring one home (and a painting, but those usually get sold), name it and set it out on the lawn. Well . . . I'm assuming gnomes are too short to climb stairs and that's why this hasn't come up yet. Her most recent gnome was lovingly placed on the back porch of her house and the little bastard broke in! Not only did it brake in, it decided to listen to the radio!!

I wouldn't have even noticed anything truly amiss except she had just upgraded the stereo so the sound was wired through the whole house and woke up her husband with the noise. Not only does this gnome enjoy reclining and listening to the radio . . . it also likes to sit back and watch TV!!

I've contemplating putting a couple more on the porch, but the rest seem content enough to dance around the vegetable garden making odd poses at the plants. Okay, I'm off to go kill her husband now. Old bastard just didn't know well enough to die on his own so I'm taking drastic measures. Hehehehe. I love sims.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Okay. Some of you may remember my temporary addiction to that reality show "The Two Coreys". The biggest source of contention on that show was the friction between Haim and Feldman's wife. Feldman, of course, always siding with his wife (even though she's a stuck up skeez); and rather than seperating his married life and friendship he continued to try and get the two to hang out together which caused even more friction cuz "S/he's always around!" Duh. Aaron and I got a chuckle over the fact that, yeah, Feldman had a bit part in Lost Boys 2 (with the ever hilarious fake-gruff voice) and Haim ended up getting a better part in another movie . . . . I forget what it was, but Aaron saw it and he's asleep. Yeah, we're Haim people. And now Mrs. Feldman is filing for divorce. Ha-freakin-ha! That's why you don't treat friends who've been by your side for eons like shit just cuz your wife doesn't like 'em. If there's friction then keep 'em seperate! Whether you want to admit it spouses can come and go. If they go, who are you going to turn to if you've burned all your bridges and all of your "new" friends are really your spouses friends?

Yeah, maybe I'm a little unusual in that I believe it's important for guys to have "bro" time. Just as much as it's important for girls to have girl time. Just because you're married doesn't mean every second of every day has to be "couple time". That's a quick easy way to get sick of being with each other! I encourage Aaron to spend time with his friends just as much as he encourages me to spend time with my friends. Even though this collective group is also our friends. lol There's not a huge selection of cool people around here.

Woah. Has anybody else seen that PSA with Elmo about sneezing into your elbow?! *sheesh* How 'bout a PSA about carrying around a kleenex or handkerchief cuz if you're wearing short sleeves when you feel a sneeze coming on WTF are you gonna wipe your damn elbow on?!

Okay, now I'm just reaching for stuff to blog. lol I'll let ya go now. No you hang up! hehehehehe

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


How is it I'm once again sitting here at 3am with nothing to do and, after almost two weeks, nothing to blog? Is there really nothing going on in Lizzyland? Not . . . . much I guess. Still pedaling. Just passed through New Braunfels. I'm going to Sandy's tonight so she can re-bleach my hair. Uhm. Oh! I do have a few ideas for the second installment of "The Comic Adventures of Super Lizzy". I just need a title and a good starter. I haven't decided if I'm going to make it a continuance of the first one or just start off with a whole new story. Any preferences guys? You know I aim to please. ^_^

As I mentioned in the status thingy (does anybody read those minus me?) we've got everything together for our costumes. We kinda decided against decorating this year. Just as well concidering how much it's been raining. Next year we'll go bananas.

Okay. So Aaron's asleep and Elvis is outside for the moment. I think I'll try for a chair nap before bringing his crazy ass back inside. I can't quite sleep comfortably in this thing. I think that's what broke the other one. But I can nap. Yay! lol

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

14 Hours Gone

Oh man yesterday was such a long day. But it was all totally worth it. We drove all the way up to Arlington. We made it to the street just fine then had issue trying to find Shed's soon-to-be old apartment. Mapquest lied!! They said his street connected directly to the main street and it didn't. Barker helped us on the phone get into the area then we ran into Shed and he directed us directly. We hung out for a bit waiting for Barker to show up. She brought her friend Nelly! After a bit of hanging out Aaron and Shed went to the ALICE COOPER CONCERT IN DALLAS! and Barker, Nelly and I went on a tour of Arlington. I had to restrain myself from breaking into Six Flags. OMG they have an awesome mall! They have a store called Torrid. I could spend so much money there. There's also a carosel and an ice rink! Our mall sucks. lol We went to Wendy's then headed back to wait for the guys. We watched Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. ^_^ I think I'll be picking that up for our collection. By the time we were heading home it got so foggy I could hardly see. I'm using that as my excuse for how we ended up driving all the way out to I-35E to get back. Yeah. The fog. We both had a blast and made it back safely and Elvis was fine when we got back. *phew* Now I'm tired. Still. But, there's still work to be done. *pleh* Isn't there always?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sim Silliness

A picture may be worth 1000 words . . . but this one still needs an explanation so you can fully appreciate why it's titled "Akward".

This is gonna be good. ^_^ Remember my blue "Romeo" sim I was using to impregnant various women around town? Well, one of his illegitimate sons married the Sim on the left. She was my first ever red sim. They were living happily together, had a son even! A blue one. I was going to wait until the son was at least child age before trying again for a red Sim offspring. Well, one day Tommy gets an opportunity to fix a tv for a guy to make a few simoleons on the side. Being the good wife that she was, Summer tried to fix the tv herself. Apparently a handiness of 2 is far too low to be fixing a tv and she was electrocuted to death while Tommy was at work. Poor me! All that hard work I put into making a red cutie down the drain. I could have just loaded up the game and tried again, but what's the fun in that? I put Summer's urn into Tommy's inventory and went straight-away into making another red female for him to marry. Can't have a child raised by a babysitter can we? No way! Myna is the Sim on the right. So what happened? The day after I marry off Tommy and Myna, Tommy gets a call from the science lab about an experimental procedure to bring Sims back from the dead. Of course he took that opportunity! Summer was his first love and the mother of his child! So Tommy heads off to work after resurecting Summer and Myna is there to greet her. That is what you see here. They are getting along fine. I wonder if that will continue when I have Tommy impregnate both of them at the same time? Hehehe. If I'm super lucky I'll get a red baby and a ghost baby out of the deal. That would be wicked! And since that's a grand total of 6 Sims, I can still have them all living in the same house. Summer caring for the children at night (would you believe they get lonely while they sleep?!); Myna looking after them during the day; and Tommy busting ass at the Bistro to pay for it all. Huh. Under 400 words. Hrm . . . . .well, while I'm sitting here waiting for photobucket to actually load, we got more of the tree chopped off. Once it's safely on the ground I'll start up an album for those of you interested in seeing more pics of that. lol Also, my piercing is doing just fine. ^_^ Also . . . our stupid computer chair broke. . . . again! *gggrrrr*

Friday, October 9, 2009

Work Between The Rain

Firstly, we went and saw Zombieland!! It's so funny. We're definitely picking it up when it comes out on DVD. Secondly . . . a tree fell on my house. Yes, seriously. I was sitting here on the computer, minding my own business. There's wind and rain and suddenly a huge *whoosh~thump* and the whole house shakes. I think to myself "man, that was a huge gust of wind" but I go out to investigate anyway and there it is. Tree fell down.

Hrm. My sister and I start looking around for the saw and it's nowhere to be seen. While I'm sitting here wondering what we're going to I hear my mom out in the living room. I get some money out of her and head out to walmart, in the pouring rain, to pick up a cheap hand saw. The look on the cashier's face was priceless. lol When I got back the rain had let up so we (yes, my sister has actually been very helpful) start working on some of the bigger smallish branches . . . . like this:

There was a bigger one we got off, but I don't think it's in any of the pictures. Anyway, we got those big branches off and then it started raining again so we came in to dry off. Then at the next dry window we went out and started hacking at the trunk. OMFG Pain in the ass!! I set up the ladder so that if/when the top part fell it would hit the ladder (which was sunken into the mud) instead of the house. Well. After about two hours of sawing and wondering "what is holding you together!?!" it finally came apart and . . . nothing. The top half is still hanging onto the roof because it's raining again. We did manage to move it a bit. Here's the stump!

We managed to move teh rest of the tree enough so there's some fresh branches hanging from the roof area. Once it stops raining again we're going to try and get those off and hopefully unwedge the tree from the roof without having it go through the cable line.

Friday, October 2, 2009


I know right? I'm just racking up milestones left and right. ^_^ Yay me! lol

I've been kind of helping myself out. When I start I read a page of a random romance novel I grabbed from the top box (I don't even know what the title is. By the end of the page my legs start getting a little tired so then I just put down the book and add my arms. lol Hopefully next week we'll pick up some batterys so I can take the CD player out with me. That'd be nice. Tomorrow's going to be another early day. Gotta take the van in for a new tire. *pleh* Enjoy the pics. And keep yer eyes open for some pics Aaron should be uploading soon. I know some of 'em are just gonna be fantastic by the time he's done with 'em.