Monday, September 14, 2009

I Can't Decide!

Halloween is coming right around the corner. Aaron's doing Jack the Ripper. Got his contacts ordered this morning. Yay! I was pretty set on "anime chick" . . . until we went to Spirit Store and started looking around. I did find a cute outfit for the anime chick that I really like:

How awesome is that? I also saw something else. A super cute hippy top:

I want that too! I might get both if I'm lucky. I would totally wear that top all the time. Although I could wear the geisha outfit too. Hehehehe. *winks* I just don't know. I think part of the problem is spending too much time in the mall with all of the expensive skinny-bitch clothes. I always feel like shit after that. Once we get a little money together I'm going to have to try on that hippy top to see if it even fits. If not then my decision is made for me anyway. I still really like the "anime chick" idea . . . I just don't know exactly where I would go with it. Turning into a lot harder of an idea than it first seemed. *pleh* Course we still don't know what we're going to do. And then there's next year to concider. Next year is our 10 year anniversary. Big milestone. *pleh* Maybe I'll feel better after I get some sleep.

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