Friday, September 18, 2009

Got My Costume!

Yay! ^_^ So we went up to Spirit Store and I tried on both of the ones from my previous post. There is good news and bad news. The hippy top didn't fit. That really sucks, but saves us $20.

The Kimono one fit, but the sash/bow part isn't quite long enough, so I'm going to have to extend it just a bit. That's why it looks kinda ill-fitting in the picture. Aaron pinned it for me so I could take the pictures. I want to pick up some knee-high socks or stockings and perhaps a pair of wickery sandal-heels. I think that would look cute. The make-up didn't quite stand out as much as I wanted, but that's just the first trial. Also . . . hehehehe . . . since I'm doing an anime chick and not a geisha we peeked around a bit for a good weapon and found one at HEB. We've almost got all of the parts for Aaron's costume. And we found some possible dresses for his whore. He's also got a really fantastic idea to go with that, but I'm not gonna give anything away. ^_^ If we can pull it off (I might need your help, though, Sandy!) then it'll be totally worth the secrecy.

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