Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First Halloween Hair Test

I had a really good idea for how to do my anime hair and I think I may have almost nailed it. Just a few things I think I need some help with. I am going to re-bleach and re-dye my hair before Halloween so it can be it's absolute bluest best. I'm going to have it mostly down with two pigtails popping out from the top. In the pictures I am using clips to accentuate the 'tails, but these will be replaced with big bows or ribbons. How cute?! ^_^ I just don't know what to do with my bangs. . . .

Off to the side?

Or straight down?

I kind of like the straight down. More animeish. Should I trim them? Maybe to just halfway down my eyes or just under my eyebrows? Hrm. Also, for my makeup I was thinking earlier I could use some rhinestone accents. ^_^ That'd be cute, right? Ideas? Anybody?

Can anybody else get the "tell us what you're _____" thing working? I keep getting errors. :-(

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