Saturday, September 5, 2009

Feels Good Being Clean

Yesterday was downright exhausting. Feels good to sit down after a nice bubbly shower. It's kind of an interesting story (isn't it usually when a person is awake for more than 24 hours? Makes you want to know why?) so let's start at the beginning. Some of you kno this part so feel free to zone out 'til the next paragraph.

Woke up Thursday afternoon like normal. Made dinner, ate dinner. Like normal. Went to leave to check the lot dumpster and pick up Friday's dinner. What's this? There is a note on the windshield. From the landlord. Wants all the leftover furniture and crap from the pod fiasco taken care of and he's determined to find where the water leak is and fix the siding on that side of the house. Okay . . . I told him twice already we don't have a leak. If he doesn't figure it out soon then he's going to want to come in here and that's more than potentially problematic. That would be downright disasterous. One thing at a time, though. Went out and grabbed some screws to take care of the siding, along with dinner and a few other necesities. Spent some time out at the lake to clear ourselves before the day ahead.

So, Friday morning rolls around. I call my dad and fill him in on the situation. He gives me a $ figure for bribe for anyone that can help us. That anyone turns out to be Nathan. I don't think we could have done it without him. At around 8am I drop Aaron off at Nates. A while later they come back with the truck. We start working on filling up the truck and the van. Truck goes to the dump, van waits at Nate's, truck meets van, fill truck, return van return truck and repeat. Four trips to the dump in all. Didn't completely finish 'til around 4pm. But it's done! And it gets better. Before "repeat" I was putting the last of the cardboard in the van and ran into our good neighbor. Figured it might be a good idea to find out what he knows. I was right. Turns out the landlord found out where the leak was. Blame lay with the other neighbors across from us. Had a toilet that wouldn't stop running. You know, quite possibly the easiest thing in the world to fix. I've done it twice myself. So everything got taken care of!

Once the dump trips were done Aaron and I swung by Spirit Store. Figured out why he didn't get so much as a call for that application. They hired out of Austin. Picked up a bottle of latex. Grabbed milk from walmart and finally worked our way back home. For good? For maybe. lol I started work on this blog and then Nate called needing our net and mom wanted to get on so I just scrapped it. Shortly after Aaron and Nate head off to hang out and Elvis and I get some sleep. Ah, but there is one very terrific part of the day that was passed over. At some point during the day (I forget exactly when) the guys swung by this new game/dvd exchange place. Like how Game Stop used to be. They have atari and nintendo. Everything! Aaron splurged a bit on some movies. ^_^ Re-picked up Audition so we don't have to stress about getting that back, Scanner Darkly which we were just talking about, and Aaron grabbed a dvd especially for me. Let me give you a hint:

Sailor Moon! Six episodes from the SuperS season, my favorite season! We're going to be going back regularly. Oh yes, we will. hehehehe. So, Aaron finally comes back, we get a little more sleep, wake up, head out for Saturday's dinner, and then come back and shower off Friday. Feels good being clean. Yesterday was a horrid, sweaty, productive and it's finally over. Even more good news, the stupid construction people left our driveway driveable! *faints* Can you believe it?

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