Friday, September 25, 2009

Come Join Me! (big picture alert!)

I finally started working out again. Guess what? Our stationary bike has a setting that shows how many miles you've peddeled. Peddled? No. Pedaled. Weird. Anyway, a while back I read one of S. King's short stories where a guy was using a stationary bike in the basement of his apartment complex and had it facing a stone wall and he painted a mural on the wall so it looked like he was biking through the country. He printed out a map and would mark his progress and daydream about stuff he was passing. There's more but I don't want to ruin it for anybody. Anyway, I thought, what a great idea! I can't very well paint a mural, but I can track my progress. My first destination? Corpus Christi. ^_^ It took me a while, but I found a website where I can actually place markers on a map and it will tell me the distance so I don't have to try and fudge it. Here is my first day's progress:
3 whole miles. About halfway to Brak's house! I'm aiming for 3.5 miles tomorrow. 4 the next day. And so on 'til I get to about 15 or 20 maybe? We'll see. lol I'm probably not going to blog this every day 'til I get there. If I do blog I'll add that little one at the end. Only after mass amounts of progress will I blog this huge bitch here:
BAM! lol There's a little key up in the corner. So this is my fake trip. 280 miles. Wow. I'll fake see you in fake Corpus Christi!

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