Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Banana Boats

How about we talk about something other than cleaning for a moment here? Sound good? Good. Two things first, this isn't an eating adventure cuz I've had 'em before. ^_^ I'm just sharing them with you cuz they're good. Second, my chocolate chips melted so the pictures aren't going to look quite like they're supposed to, but you'll get the general idea. Good? Good.
Okay, so as far as I can tell bananas have 51 grams of carbs. Sorry Sandy. Maybe you could split one with someone? lol Anyway, first thing you want to do is get your tools together.

Then you carefully peel just one part of the banana. You want to break the seal in the back so you can open the peel on the inner curve of the banana. Like so:

See? Then you take your knife and slice a wedge out of the banana. Like how Subway used to cut their bread. This way it looks like a canoe. (get it?) Now it gets tricky. Less tricky with the melted chips, actually. You want to cradle the banana in the foil square, fill the canoe with the choco-chips (I used semi-sweet, Aaron likes milk chocolate, but you could use white or caramel or buttersotch or whatever) and reclose the peel flap:

Then wrap up the foil:

Then it's off to the fire! If you're cooking on a bonfire wait until the last of the sticks are smoldering and just throw 'em in. Same with the grill, actually. lol Cooking time depends on how much heat is leftover. I've never tried it in an oven, but I guess it's possible. You just miss out on the fire taste. Basically you want the chips melted and the banana to get soft, but not mushy.


To eat you just carefully open the foil, peel back the peel and dig in with a fork. If you did it right you should be able to get chunks out at a time without too much difficulty. Another alternative is to take an apple, cut off the stem part, core the apple, fill with redhots, replace the top, wrap in foil and cook the same way. So good.

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