Sunday, September 27, 2009

All About Accessories

Any old jackass can throw on a costume, but it's the accessories that make it special. I'm close to finished with that little bit. First, since every butt-kicking anime chick needs a super huge weapon (and a smaller one for backup) here is what I've decided on:

More practically, I need something to hold my ID and keys and such. While we were at Target Aaron noticed a cute little purse shaped like a take-out box! Hehehe. I noticed a trick-or-treat bag with Hello Kitty's face on it. Being the impulsive one that he is, he grabbed both:

Awesome. I did make my 3.5 miles today. And guess what?

I'm at Brak's house! ^_^ Maybe just shy. lol I also caught back up on my cleaning. With all the pre-Halloween hustle and bustle I was set back for a moment, but I'm definitely back on track.

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