Monday, August 10, 2009

Tides of Change

The mark of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Also, a person must cultivate the types of energy they want manifested around them. Through a combination of actions and perceptions we create our own realities. A penny saved is a penny earned. . . . . wait, that last one doesn't fit, but good advice anyway. ^_^

So where does a person start to create positive change? I mean, you could wait around waiting for good things to happen, but that usually results in the Fates giving you a swift kick in your ass forcing you to make tough decisions. Best to be pro-active. Very few people can keep up with radical steps for long-term change. Sometimes it does work out, but old habits die hard. In some cases very hard. We are, after all, creatures of habit. So we start start slow.

I guess in my case slow is relative. Changing my hair was a sort of catalyst. Instant can't-miss results showing that "things are different". A constant reminder of the journey. Which brings me to part 2, I suppose. The journey. I mentioned re-reading Duma Key. As far as creating change it seems pretty insignificant I suppose. But here's the thing, the only time I've ever tried to re-read fiction is when I forget what the book's about. By page 20 I remember everything and stop the 2nd read-through. In the case of Duma Key, I remember the book. Not every cover-to-cover detail, but close. I enjoyed the story, sure, but it's certainly not in my Top 5 King Favorites. I think it's more symbolic. A big theme within the book is change. And since I already know what happens I don't have to rush through it to find out. I can take my time and enjoy the journey. Yeah. Definitely symbolic.

Part 3 is more productive long-term. Our room . . . . is a mess. A horrid mess. Possibly years of piled up garbage and crap and who-knows what else? This has to change. If it were just me, myself and I, I could have it cleaned up in 4 hours no sweat. But it's not. There is a pile that supports Elvis' food dish so he can reach it. There is stuff in here that doesn't belong to me, personally. Things, like our movies, are staying and need to be accounted for. I used to have a fun little system I'd use to clean my room. I'd take a blank piece of paper and my handful of multi-colored pens. I'd draw my room and all the furniture, then make a grid on the floor of the picture. I'd survey the room, seeing where the most crap is and deciding what needs to be gotten to for most effective cleaning; then I'd number the grid and furniture on the picture. I'd move around the room moving from square 1 (in front of the door) all the way up to the last (usually about 30 in all) and Xing off the picture as I went along. It was fun. I haven't gotten it to quite work lately. What I'm doing instead (so as not to anger the natives) is limiting myself to taking out 1 big bag of trash a day. I mean, that has to be more than we bring in, even on a big spend day. So progress will be made. Dishes will be taken out as I come across them and if things need to be taken to the shed then that will also be done as I come to it.

Elements of change. Haven't even thought of Part 4 yet, what it could possibly be. I'll know it when it comes up, though.

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