Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shithole: Part 4b?

It's not exactly part of my cleaning agenda but is an organic part of the process I suppose. Cleaning is now opening up to organizing. We picked up a tub to contain all of our ps2 games. It's 36-37 . . . gallons or quarts. lol It's maybe 1/2 the size of the "standard" ones you can find in any color anywhere. And . . . well . . . it's about full. They did all fit and I'm glad for that. We're also keeping the old still-works-but-only-plays-certain-games ps2 in there . . . just in case something bad happens to the new one. Just sucks that for all the replacement ps2s we've picked up we could've gotten a ps3 by now! AH!

Anyway, I passed on laundry last night. I woke up early to drive my dad to the lot (and we took 3 bags of trash up to their dumpster hehehehe) and was just too tired. Does this mean I'm going to double up and do 4 loads tonight? No. Oh, sure, it would help, but then I wouldn't want to do any laundry tomorrow. If I get started at 8:30pm, though, then I shouldn't be up all night waiting for the stupid dryer.

I hope they put that Final Fantasy Dissidia on ps2 . . . . that would be nice. And since it's still not working, we just watching 'Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story'

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