Friday, August 21, 2009

Part 4: The Cleaning Continues

Did I mention the huge mess? Anyway, part 4 has come to me and since I don't have much else to share (unless you want to see more Hello Kitty pictures? Anybody?) here goes. Clothes. There are two big, obvious piles of clothes, plus what is layed out in a thin layer on the floor. Plus whatever's hidden, but I'll get to that when I get to it. A couple of days ago my 1 bag of trash started consisting mainly of chair parts. That big poofy chair? Did I mention that, or just in e-mails? Anyway, the top cushion and one arm are out of here. I'll need to find the handsaw for hardcore dismantling, but in the meantime cushion removal is a good start. But that's trash, not clothes. I'm doing 2 loads a day ( . . . . night). No more. So far this has ended up in a good mix of clothes to wear and clothes to bag up and take into the shed. Yay! I'm starting with the pile behind the door and doing so revealed another cushion . . . possibly an old pillow, so that helped fill the trash bag. So, hurray for clean clothes and the secrets they reveal!

Also, I got a "new" phone today. Yay! No more randomly shutting off mid-text. No more breaking my thumb to push 1/2 the buttons. Yay! Those of you who have my #, it's the same. lol

Well . . . . time to start the 2nd load in the washer and see if I have to re-start the dryer. ^_^ And since it's not working again, for those of you who are interested, we watched 'The Full Monty' last night.

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