Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh Yes, I Am

Hehe. I mentioned twice that HEB had a Hello Kitty coloring book for $1 so yesterday while we were there Aaron went and grabbed that and a 20 cent pack of crayons for me. Yay! lol Last night I colored in three whole pictures. Oooh, wanna see? Lemme see if I can get a good picture with the camera . . . . . Oooh yeah, here we go:

That's the first one I did. I also colored in one where she's writing a (Japanese, of course) caligraphy note to her pen pal and a Carmen Miranda looking one. Guess what else! The back cover is a cut-out Hello Kitty paper doll! Sweet. I know. You're totally jealous. ^_^ Only $1 at HEB. lol

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