Saturday, August 1, 2009

Oh Romeo!

Did I mention that's the name of my blue-skinned playboy? Romeo Libertine. lmao I could go to City Hall and change it (yes, you can do that in 3) but I don't wanna. I still think it fits. I did find another option available in 3 that's really freakin' awesome. Okay, when I was using my female novel-writing sim she had a friend who was old. They met in the park to chat and the old lady up and died. Well, when she died her tombstone just vanished! Well, I was at the graveyard with Romeo and there was an option on the Crypt to "Manage The Dead". . . . . huh? So I clicked on that and there was the old lady's headstone! So I took it out and put it in a nice corner of the graveyard so her family can mourn properly. Should they choose to do so.

Anyway, this started about Romeo and I got a little sidetracked there. Remember the chick that's married to the cop? Well, I went on over to visit her in the middle of the day and the cop was out at work. Finally got her pregnant! Finally! Then Mr. Cop came home and I chatted him up 'til midnight when the chick kicked him out cuz it was late. I thought that was pretty funny. I was about to send him home anyways cuz he was getting tired.

Okay, so I'm about to throw on some makeup and update my picture there. I kinda look starey eyed in that one . . . .

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