Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Sims 3

Are you tired of hearing about it yet? Hehehe. Tough! Okay, I tried to say yesterday (and ended up getting kicked off the computer) that I finally uploaded some pictures of my blue skinned Romeo, along with a picture of my new chick. Flora. She's green skinned with purple hair and ice-blue eyes. I figured out how to de-mongoloid the heads in CAS so she's much prettier than my first chick. She is an interesting Sim. She's a vegetarian, handy, green thumb, loner . . . and something else. I put her house out in the middle of nowhere so she gets the "isolation" moodlet which helps. She wants to be a creature-robot cross-breader so she's in the science career. She freaks out every day at work cuz of all the people around her. lol But she pushes through and hasn't had a nervous breakdown yet . . . I don't know if that's a feature, but it could be. Every day at work she "Assists boss with research" and so far her boss is her only friend. Cuz she's a loner and she likes it that way.
One really cool feature I think I've mentioned in passing is the bookshelves. She does a lot of reading (she's not a technophobe, but she avoids TV and radio cuz the news is depressing) to keep her happiness up and it comes up a lot at work. Ya know, read this book to help with your job skills and it doesn't really, but the title of the book is relevant and it increases your relationship with your boss so it kinda does. So now she has two bookcases.

I mentioned that the books are actually in the cases and here it is. She has one bookcase for job and skill building books and one case for her fiction novels that she's read. I love that! Also note that it's the same book shelf but that one is more full looking than the other, because it is! Okay, so she's a vegetarian, right? She buys the same hot dogs and burger patties as everyone else, but when she prepares them they're tofu dogs and veggie burgers. ^_^ Sweet. Also in CAS when picking her favorite food they only had vegetarian options available to pick. Much better than pretending and making a conscious decision to feed your sim only veggie options.
Which brings me to the update we just downloaded. I've told a couple of you, but now here it is for the rest of y'all: They're working on the first expansion pack! It's called "World Adventure" and your sim will be able to travel to China, Egypt and France. I don't know how it's going to work with the no loading time and the way the neighborhoods are set up, though. I guess I'm still stuck in Sims 2 mindset. We will see. Sims will be able to explore the pyramids and learn martial arts. Other than that I don't know. I checked the site and it was the same information as in the update. Also, I kinda wish they had done like they did for Bon Voyage and make up places (names at least) instead of using real world places, but whatever. Maybe they'll rename 'em before release. Which does not yet have a date. Could be months, could be weeks. Which means, Sandy, if it works like 2 then you can use our Sims 3 when we get the EP. I still need to go over there and get my discs back. :-p And, ya know, fix your hair.
Just a quick little tidbit about the pictures I uploaded, since I don't know if the whole captions show up or not. The oldest one is of my mom and her parents when she was . . . maybe 2? I just love the authenticity in that one. Then there's one of my mom, her freshman class photo. She was picked on a lot in HS for being "ugly" and I really don't understand why. Maybe I'm biased? I mean, I don't really look like her so it's not self-defence or anything. *shrugs* There's the government housing we lived in in Colorado with, I assume, the Rocky Mountains behind. I was only 2ish at the time so I coudn't really appreciate the view. One of me that's kind of blurry, but it's also in Colorado at the Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun . . . whatever that is. Oh! Here we are:


Cool. I have some more pictures of that if anyone really cares. Then there's one of me on my grandparents porch in New Jersey (remember that Sim house I laboured over?) from my NJ kindergarten days. Apparently my grandma hung on to a lot of pictures. Which is good. There's a bunch of family and my mom's the only person who knows who they are any more so I told her she needs to write on the back of 'em before she forgets cuz 90% of 'em I really have no clue. That way they don't get lost completely. Anyway, there's one picture I want to upload from Colorado but I'm kinda totally naked in it. I was always naked back then and my hippy-ass parents let me be. lmao Anyway, the funny thing about that picture is that I'm 100% naturally blonde! EEEEP! Maybe I'll upload it anyway, or crop my head or something. Oh, there we go. I drew a nice little sundress on myself. XD Aren't I spiffy?

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