Thursday, August 27, 2009

Killer Dream?

Even as I sit here, five minutes removed from waking, the details are getting a little fuzzy, but I'll be damned. I've had psychotic dreams before but this one . . . heh. Staring at the computer screen it seems a bit silly almost but I was only asleep for 3 hours so I want to try and get this out before I lay back down.

We lived here. Only the surrounding area was like it was when there were trees. It was a little different, but I'll get to that. My dad was here, but Clint was also here. I don't know if he was living here or just staying or what, but him, Aaron and I were goofing around in the middle of the night. . . . we were looking for something, picking something up . . . before the last exiting turn of the driveway (where the old dead tree in my "other" pics used to be) if you kept going straight there was, in the dream, almost a path and there was something there we were going to take care of before going to bed or whatever. Aaron was off to the left (towards the mailbox) and Clint was dead ahead as I was coming down the driveway. He called to me, said there was something I had to see. So I come up to him and whatever we were gathering was laying about but that's not what was important. There was kind of a drop-off (which there isn't, there's a junk yard in that direction) and if we were really quiet we could hear almost a girl-child's sing-song voice. The more I listened the clearer it became. I caught "Lana's _something_ _something_" with that many syllables (I'm convinced it was "gonna get you") and down at the bottom of the drop-off we could see a floating white light-ball dancing back and forth like a child at play. At this point we hauled ass back to the house, all three of us, giggling like crazy. We almost run into a car or something coming down the driveway, but it was coming from the direction where there used to be only trees. Hrm. My dad was in the living room sitting on the floor watching tv. I leaned over this bar stool to tell him what happened and he cut me off saying "It doesn't matter, your mother put us on the list and we're moving to Clear Creek". Huh? I don't think I ever got the whole story out. I decide it's no big deal and lay down to go to bed. I start hearing this . . . noise in my ears. It started as almost a buzz-hum then it sounded almost like someone pounding the venetian blinds against the window. I try to ignore it and fall back asleep (at this point I'm not sure I realized I was still dreaming) and it loudens to almost deafening and sounds like someone striking a stack of shelves with a branch or something. All of a sudden there is a flash of a little girl's face in front of my eyes, only slightly warped and the huge mouth is filled with razor sharp teeth. I feel my heart start up! and feel like maybe I almost didn't wake up.

I decide "Fine, I'll get up, let Elvis out and then blog this dream out and go back to bed." So I pick up Elvis and he's fine . . . until I open the front door. It's still dark out and when I go to put him down he starts freaking out! So I shut the door and bring him back into the room. I still intend to blog but there's no way I'm doing it in the dark! I turn on the light but it won't turn on. The computer is still on but the brand new lighbulb is burnt out. Odd, but whatever. I won't be rattled. I'll just get the old bulb from the kitchen. No sweat. I try to turn on lights as I go and none of them are coming on. Whatever, I just need one. There's no way it's the fuse cuz other stuff is on, just the lights won't come on. I keep physically trying to yell at the ghost-girl to go away and she is not welcome here. I can sense her flitting around the outside of the house trying to get in. I can feel my voice-box moving in my throat, but no sound comes out. Pure nightmare fashion. I grab the bulb from on top of the fridge and just for good measure check the bathroom light on my way back. Sure enough, won't come on. Yet I hold onto my old-new lightbulb like some sort of talisman, secure in the fact that it will work. I open up my door wondering which overhead socket to put it in and when I walk in somehow Elvis has gotten himself wedged between the computer and the tv! Upside-down! That's it, he's definitely going outside whether he wants to or not.

The scene that greets me when I open the front door is nothing short of insanity. The door bumps someone standing on the ramp, I see my mom in the yard with a flashlight on, Jet's off by the fence, someone yells "Gracie!" (my neighbor's dog) and Kujo (Sandy's dog) leaps up out of nowhere to nose my face.

I guess that was enough because I finally woke up for real. Through those last two paragraphs I was vaguely aware of myself trying to wake up but my eyes would not stay open. Only 3 hours sleep, remember? Anyway, I feel better having got that out and am sufficiently sure that I'm awake enough to where I won't go back to it.

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