Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hair Obsession

Okay, so I've been spectacularly bored these past couple of days. Yes, even with the cleaning. The dishwasher takes a while. :-p I'm almost all caught up on the dishes though! Yay!! ^_^ Anyway, the other day I tried making a picture of my different hairs that morphed from one into the other. I think if i had more where I was facing at least mostly forward that would have worked out better. It was just freaky watching my nose leap from one side of the picture to the other. Really wasn't sexy. I endd up doing it with the regular transition and it came out okay (minus one of the pictures only stayed 1/2 as long as the rest so it still ended up funny lookin') but it was 3MB!! Which I know isn't a problem for you hi-speeders. Piss off. lol So yesterday I ended up spending hours at manicpanic.com at first figuring out which of their colors I needed to refresh my blue (since I don't need bleach yet so I'm not gonna pay for bleach, also the consistency when I redid Sandy's hair was alot better than the Splat) and ended up going through all the pictures of all the people who sent in their cool hair pictures. So, anyway, I made two collages yesterday. The first one I made with my own hair pictures:

The second one is my favorites from the manicpanic site:

Yeah, I had to include papa smurf there. lol Welcome to my boredom.

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