Saturday, August 29, 2009

Growing Ripples

Haha! Ripples, not nipples. Perv. I'm super psyched at how the room is coming along. I think I'm getting close to the end of the clothes. . . . depending on what's under and at the end of the bed. I'm kind of scared of that particular area. Mad props to Aaron who took his own initiative in picking up another tub and putting his figures into it to keep 'em safe. Also for fixing the air conditioner! Yay!! I was getting kind of worried that removing the stuff was just creating more space for the a/c to cool and overtaxing it . . . turned out it just needed a really good deep-down cleaning with a toothbrush. lol Now it's actually cool in here. Also probably helps that it's cooler outside at the moment, but there have been times where it's nice outside and still super hot in here. Not now, though. Now it's getting downright chilly. Hurray!

I think it's kind of interesting that as the layers of junk are being peeled away, not only are we finding stuff that's been long thought lost (like the cap to the flash drive), but people from the past are showing up unexpectedly as well. With any luck the clock is turning back, in a way, and things around here will return to normal soon. That would be nice.

Everyone wish Aaron good luck. He put in an application for the Spirit Store. *fingers crossed* We caught 'em early this year, and it's a fantastic opportunity.

It seems like a fair share of the people I talk to are having. . . interesting dreams, to say the least. Disturbing might be more accurate. If anybody else is experiencing this phenomenon and would like to share, please do. I'm curious as to how far this is spreading.

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